• Aris Argiris

    videoAris Argiris

    Aris Argiris close

    Aris Argiris

    "Der heilige Prophet Jochanaan ist mit Aris Argiris eine darstellerisch intensive, stimmlich facettenreiche Besetzung."Der Bund, by Marianne Mühlemann (Jochanaan in Salome, Konzert Theater Bern)

  • Lado Ataneli

    Lado Ataneli

  • Elchin Azizov

    Elchin Azizov

  • Michael Bachtadze

    Michael Bachtadze

    Michael Bachtadze close

    Michael Bachtadze

    "Michael Bachtadze ha dato sfogo ad una partecipata e versatile verve interpretativa, proponendo un Mercutio elegante, misurato e dal gradevole timbro, (…)"ROMEO ET JULIETTE, Gounod, Arena Di Verona, 2013

  • Jean-Luc Ballestra

    videoJean-Luc Ballestra

    Jean-Luc Ballestra close

    Jean-Luc Ballestra

    "Ballestra’s Marcello vocally dominates the rest of the cast, and although it’s his debut in the role, his portrayal of the character is already..."José Pons, Opéra magazine

  • Dwayne Croft

    Dwayne Croft

    Dwayne Croft close

    Dwayne Croft

    "Baritone Dwayne Croft is magnificent, his imposing voice and bearing creating a general of dignity and fairness"Examiner San Francisco

  • Michel de Souza

    videoMichel de Souza

    Michel de Souza close

    Michel de Souza

    "Credit must also be given to Michel de Souza’s very finely sung Mandarin. An attractive baritone voice that promises much, he is another Jette Parker..."Turandot - Antony Lias, Opera Britannia

  • Stéphane Degout

    videoStéphane Degout

    Stéphane Degout close

    Stéphane Degout

    "Sur un plan musical, sa performance (Pelléas) est tout simplement époustouflante d'intensité dramatique, de bout en bout. La voix au timbre de plus en plus..."Claude Jottrand, Forum Opéra

  • Christopher Feigum

    Christopher Feigum

    Christopher Feigum close

    Christopher Feigum

    "As his alter ego, Figaro, Christopher Feigum offered sure understanding and solid singing. He was hilarious in his turn as a Turkish hootchy-kootchy dancer."St. Louis Post Dispatch

  • Norman Garrett

    Norman Garrett

    Norman Garrett close

    Norman Garrett

    "Norman Garrett, an alumnus of [Washington National Opera's] Domingo-Cafritz program… was imposing both vocally and physically as Ford, the husband of one of the women Falstaff..."Anne Midgette – The Washington Post

  • Joshua Hopkins

    videoJoshua Hopkins

    Joshua Hopkins close

    Joshua Hopkins

    "He owns a gorgeous voice, a voice with gold in it. I am not talking about its bankability, but rather its tone...this young Hopkins is..."Jay Nordlinger, The New Criterion

  • Jason Howard

    Jason Howard

    Jason Howard close

    Jason Howard

    "Jason Howard created a king who was in fact deranged and criminal, an immense source of evil through his use of his authority and his willed..."New York Arts, Michael Miller

  • George Humphreys

    audioGeorge Humphreys

    George Humphreys close

    George Humphreys

    "The dominant performance comes, as it should, from George Humphreys's Duke, wonderfully convincing as the handsome sensualist whose passions gradually coalesce into obsession. He's in superb..."The Guardian by Tim Ashley (Duke in The Killing Flower, Music Theatre Wales)

  • Zeljko Lucic

    videoZeljko Lucic

    Zeljko Lucic close

    Zeljko Lucic

    "Baritone Zeljko Lucic [...] sang with a power and elegance revealing the innate nobility of Verdi’s score."James Jorden, New York Post

  • Alexey Markov

    videoAlexey Markov

    Alexey Markov close

    Alexey Markov

    "The young Russian baritone Alexey Markov was a standout as Count Tomsky."Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

  • Tim Mix

    videoTim Mix

    Tim Mix close

    Tim Mix

    "Baritone Tim Mix gets things just right in both operas: the solid, stolid Michele, driven to violence only in desperation; Pagliacci’s damaged, mocking Tonio—but..." Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News

  • Brian Mulligan

    audioBrian Mulligan

    Brian Mulligan close

    Brian Mulligan

    "A third newcomer to the production was baritone Brian Mulligan as Marguerite's unforgiving brother, Valentin. He brought burnished tone and deep feeling to his famous..."Faust, Metropolitan Opera,

  • Alan Opie

    videoAlan Opie

    Alan Opie close

    Alan Opie

    "Alan Opie offered a richly nuanced portrayal of the title role [of Falstaff], at once blustery and terribly vulnerable, and he was attuned to every subtlety..."Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

  • Shea Owens

    videoShea Owens

    Shea Owens close

    Shea Owens


    "[Shea] Owens displayed very sweet tones in the upper register, handled with great sensitivity, and great richness in mid and lower ranges. "Sherri Rase, Q on Stage

  • Artur Ruciński

    videoArtur Ruciński

    Artur Ruciński close

    Artur Ruciński

    "Artur Rucinski [...] displayed a fine, well-focused baritone voice, with a secure top and amazing breath control. The difficulties of "Il balen" held no terrors for him."Martin Wheeler, Opera News

  • Wolfgang Schoene

    Wolfgang Schoene

    Wolfgang Schoene close

    Wolfgang Schoene

    "Wolfgang Schöne qui se réapproprie une fois de plus le personnage : acteur épatant et qui chante encore avec art un rôle qu’il ...", Jean-Charles Hoffele

  • Claudio Sgura

    videoClaudio Sgura

    Claudio Sgura close

    Claudio Sgura

    "My favourite singer on the night was Claudio Sgura’s Iago, who was outstanding throughout. His Brindisi demonstrated not only strong vocal projection but also very..."David Larkin, Bachtrack

  • Dimitris Tiliakos

    videoDimitris Tiliakos

    Dimitris Tiliakos close

    Dimitris Tiliakos

    "Quant au grec Dimitris Tiliakos, non seulement il est parfaitement crédible en « père noble », mais il joue d’une autorité naturelle qui se marie..."Jean-Marcel Humbert, Forum Opéra

  • Gabriele Viviani

    Gabriele Viviani

    Gabriele Viviani close

    Gabriele Viviani

    "Gabriele Viviani made a strong impression as Marcello, his Italian enunciation refreshingly clear and distinct, his tone warmly burnished and well-projected. He introduced a dash of..."John E. De Wald, Opera Britannia

  • Michael Volle

    videoMichael Volle

    Michael Volle close

    Michael Volle

    "Michael Volle is one of the finest German baritones. At 51 he is in full vocal and artistic maturity, with a wide and well-modulated voice, very homogeneous..."Seen and Heard International, José MªIrurzun

  • Marco Vratogna

    videoMarco Vratogna

    Marco Vratogna close

    Marco Vratogna

    "[...] once again Marco Vratogna offered one of the great performances that the San Francisco audience learned to appreciate after his company debut as Iago in the..."Marina Romani,