• Krzysztof Bączyk

    Krzysztof Bączyk

    Krzysztof Bączyk close

    Krzysztof Bączyk

    "[À] signaler le remarquable Neptune-Tyndare que campe la jeune basse Krzysztof Baczyk, voix puissante, pleine et longue."Yvan Beuvard,

  • Clive Bayley

    audioClive Bayley

    Clive Bayley close

    Clive Bayley

    "Clive Bayley is the four villains, demonstrating once again that he is a versatile and imposing a bass as any in the world at present."The Tales of Hoffmann, Michael Tanner, The Specator

  • Gábor Bretz

    videoaudioGábor Bretz

    Gábor Bretz close

    Gábor Bretz

    "The devil may not get all the best tunes in Gounod’s Faust, but Gábor Bretz certainly stole the show in this new production at..."Mark Pullinger, Bachtrack

  • Carlo Cigni

    Carlo Cigni

    Carlo Cigni close

    Carlo Cigni

    "Carlo Cigni sobresalió por su entrega y autenticidad interpretativa"Mundo Clàsico

  • James Creswell

    James Creswell

    James Creswell close

    James Creswell

    "There is amongst the cast one unequivocally great voice: that of James Creswell, the best American bass I’ve heard since Sam Ramey debuted at Glyndebourne..."Opera Britannia, Stephen Jay-Taylor

  • Patrick Guetti

    Patrick Guetti

    Patrick Guetti close

    Patrick Guetti

    "Patrick Guetti ... seemed completely at home on the Met stage, especially in his gravely compelling account of “Il lacerato spirito,” from Verdi’s “Simon Boccanegra,” a..."Anthony Tommasini - The New York Times

  • Eric Halfvarson

    Eric Halfvarson

    Eric Halfvarson close

    Eric Halfvarson

    ""Eric Halfvarson's powerful Hagen splurges potently but refined - his Hagen intrigues in unwholy darkness." "Das Opernglas

  • François Lis

    François Lis

  • Andrea Mastroni

    videoAndrea Mastroni

    Andrea Mastroni close

    Andrea Mastroni

    "Andrea Mastroni was an excellent Sparafucile, with the knell of death in his dark, deep voice: the totally cynical, fatally unimaginative man; it was an engrossing..."Nicola Lischi, Opera Britannia

  • Robert Pomakov

    Robert Pomakov

    Robert Pomakov close

    Robert Pomakov

    "This young Canadian is clearly a talent to watch. Embodying the melancholy heft and gloomy conviction of the classic Russian bass voice."Washington Post

  • Franz-Josef Selig

    videoFranz-Josef Selig

    Franz-Josef Selig close

    Franz-Josef Selig

    "La soirée a vu le triomphe du couple protagoniste, mais aussi celui de Franz-Josef Selig, en Arkel ; une voix profonde et pleine de vigueur dont...", Santiago Martin Bermudez

  • Rafał Siwek

    Rafał Siwek

    Rafał Siwek close

    Rafał Siwek

    "Enfin, saluons la performance impeccable de Rafal Siwek en Commandeur, dont le timbre abyssal et le charisme terrible portent la scène du jugement à un climax..."Tancrède Scherf, Avant-Scène Opéra

  • Deyan Vatchkov

    videoDeyan Vatchkov

    Deyan Vatchkov close

    Deyan Vatchkov

    "Deyan Vatchkov donne une grande solennité à son Raimondo avec sa superbe voix de basse."Annie Braunstein, Publics de l'opéra de Rouen