• Marc Coppey

    videoaudioMarc Coppey

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    Marc Coppey

    Artistic Director of the Colmar Chamber Music Festival

    "Coppey was able to draw an extremely wide palette of colors from his lovely Gofriller cello. . . his bow arm produced an impressive array of articulations and..."The Washington Post

  • Isang Enders

    videoaudioIsang Enders

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    Isang Enders

    "…Isang Enders is a well-reflected and highly intelligent young man and wonderful musician – Bach himself would have appreciated him. "Radio Bremen

  • David Geringas

    David Geringas

  • Steven Isserlis

    videoSteven Isserlis

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    Steven Isserlis

    "...his virtuosity and his phrasing are unparalleled...I would argue that there is no other living cellist quite as musical."Bach Track

  • Jakob Koranyi

    videoJakob Koranyi

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    Jakob Koranyi

    "A force to be reckoned with..."The Strad Magazine

  • Nina Kotova

    Nina Kotova

  • Johannes Moser

    videoJohannes Moser

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    Johannes Moser

    "Then there were the bravura flourishes of the strapping and exuberant German-Canadian cellist Johannes Moser…who threw himself bodily into a performance of Shostakovich’s Cello..."James R. Oestreich, New York Times

  • Daniel Müller-Schott

    videoDaniel Müller-Schott

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    Daniel Müller-Schott

    "The magnetic young German cellist Daniel Müller-Schott administered a dose of adrenaline with a compelling performance of Haydn’s Concerto in C. Mr. Müller-Schott,..."The New York Times

  • Jan Vogler

    Jan Vogler

    Jan Vogler close

    Jan Vogler

    "Mr. Vogler’s soulful, richly hued playing highlighted the piece’s melancholy traits, with the plaintive solo cello line embodying the voice of the biblical King..."New York Times

  • Paul Watkins

    videoPaul Watkins

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    Paul Watkins

    Music Director, English Chamber Orchestra
    Artistic Director, Great Lakes Chamber Music Festival of Detroit

    "“Watkins is fully up to all of the composer’s challenges […] this is surely the finest account of this work that has ever been recorded, manifestly..."Robert Matthew-Walker, International Record Review