• Hanna Hipp

    audioHanna Hipp

    Hanna Hipp close

    Hanna Hipp

    "This mezzo is one of those performers who not only lights up the stage when she appears, but also pervades infectious enthusiasm. "Opera Britannia, by Miranda Jackson

  • Varduhi Abrahamyan

    Varduhi Abrahamyan

    Varduhi Abrahamyan close

    Varduhi Abrahamyan

    "But the biggest revelation was the Armenian mezzo Varduhi Abrahamyan as Ottone, Poppea’s erstwhile lover and object of Drusilla’s affections. Her deep, dusky voice..."Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, The New York Times

  • Gaëlle Arquez

    videoGaëlle Arquez

    Gaëlle Arquez close

    Gaëlle Arquez

    "Gaëlle Arquez sings Idamante with a bright, lustrous mezzo-soprano and ably charts the prince’s coming of age."George Loomis, The New York Times

  • Tanja Ariane Baumgartner

    Tanja Ariane Baumgartner

    Tanja Ariane Baumgartner close

    Tanja Ariane Baumgartner

    "Tanja Ariane Baumgartner performed the Princess of Bouillon with phenomenal stage presence and unfailing vocal power and sonority. An absolutely sensational role debut, vigorously applauded by..."Adriane Lecouvrer at Oper Frankfurt: Hans-Klaus Jungheinrich, Opernwelt

  • Julie Boulianne

    videoJulie Boulianne

    Julie Boulianne close

    Julie Boulianne

    "But it’s French-Canadian mezzo-soprano Boulianne who is the one to watch – Rossini’s endless coloratura is a killer, yet she rips through ornamentation like a..."Paula Citron, Toronto Globe and Mail

  • Grace Bumbry

    videoGrace Bumbry

  • Beth Clayton

    Beth Clayton

  • Roxana Constantinescu

    videoRoxana Constantinescu

    Roxana Constantinescu close

    Roxana Constantinescu

    "Making her American stage debut, Romanian mezzo-soprano Roxana Constantinescu is unforgettable in the lead role of Angelina. Gifted with a luxurious timbre, Constantinescu mesmerizes with evocative..."Brad Richason, Examiner Minneapolis

  • Sasha Cooke

    videoSasha Cooke

    Sasha Cooke close

    Sasha Cooke

    "The splendid mezzo-soprano Sasha Cooke brought dark colorings and penetrating richness to her solos. "Anthony Tommasini. The New York Times

  • Alice Coote

    Alice Coote

    Alice Coote close

    Alice Coote

    "Alice Coote's extreme performance as Hercules's jealous and unhinged wife Dejanira dwarfed all her colleagues' efforts. Coote did not so much chart a descent into madness ..."Laura Battle, Financial Times

  • Marianne Crebassa

    videoMarianne Crebassa

    Marianne Crebassa close

    Marianne Crebassa

    "Marianne Crebassa is splendidly charismatic as Cecilio. "George Loomis, The New York Times

  • Tara Erraught

    videoTara Erraught

    Tara Erraught close

    Tara Erraught

    "...vocally and dramatically her performance was flawless..."Seen and Hear International

  • Sara Fulgoni

    audioSara Fulgoni

    Sara Fulgoni close

    Sara Fulgoni

    "Fulgoni's Beatrice is robustly characterised and her voice is as well-nourished as her wit. And we certainly feel the heat of that strange fire within her..."Beatrice & Benedict, WNO - The Times

  • Susan Graham

    videoSusan Graham

    Susan Graham close

    Susan Graham

    "Susan Graham was a joy to watch and to hear: she delivered her lines with boldness, majesty and precision, highlighting both the most delicate and the..."Marina Romani,

  • Denyce Graves-Montgomery

    videoDenyce Graves-Montgomery

    Denyce Graves-Montgomery close

    Denyce Graves-Montgomery

    "If the human voice has the power to move you, you will be touched by Denyce Graves."Atlanta Journal-Constitution

  • Anna Grevelius

    audioAnna Grevelius

    Anna Grevelius close

    Anna Grevelius

    "Anna Grevelius's Siébel the most attractive and sympathetic of a fine cast (English National Opera, Faust)"The Independent

  • Justina Gringyte

    videoJustina Gringyte

    Justina Gringyte close

    Justina Gringyte

    mezzo soprano

    "Lithuanian Justina Gringyte strikes real sparks in her brief appearance as Sparafucile’s sister, Maddalena, in Act III. "The Stage Reviews by David Gutman

  • Jennifer Johnson Cano

    videoaudioJennifer Johnson Cano

    Jennifer Johnson Cano close

    Jennifer Johnson Cano

    "An honesty and assurance so impressive that you want to call it bravery. "New York Times

  • Sophie Koch

    videoSophie Koch

    Sophie Koch close

    Sophie Koch

    "Sophie Koch was quite magnificent as Venus: probably the best I have ever heard: tonally (and physically) alluring, sweetly seductive and increasingly unhinged, dramatically truthful at..."Mark Berry, Seen and Heard International

  • Maya Lahyani

    Maya Lahyani

  • Jennifer Larmore

    Jennifer Larmore

    Jennifer Larmore close

    Jennifer Larmore

    "Jennifer Larmore, a superb star of "bel canto", now more and more oriented to decidedly more dramatic roles, [...] is an exceptionally generous..."Jenufa, Deutsche Oper Berlin - Lorenzo Bassi, GB Opera Magazine

  • Christel Loetzsch

    Christel Loetzsch

    Christel Loetzsch close

    Christel Loetzsch

    "Christel Lötzsch was the surprise of the evening. Her song was a musical listening pleasure and her performance very natural, but insistent. It was a..."Dresden / Semperoper

  • Michèle Losier

    audioMichèle Losier

    Michèle Losier close

    Michèle Losier

    "Michèle Losier (Phoebe) has an impeccable technique, which ensures a remarkable fluidity; the game scene [in Castor et Pollux] was quite expressive (especially in the..."Muse Baroque - Bruno Maury

  • Nancy Maultsby

    Nancy Maultsby

    Nancy Maultsby close

    Nancy Maultsby

    "Nancy Maultsby's huge, rich mezzo-soprano made a remarkable impact as Judith."Bluebeard's Castle, Seattle Symphony, Seattle Times

  • Susanne Mentzer

    Susanne Mentzer

    Susanne Mentzer close

    Susanne Mentzer

    "Mentzer was a charismatic Dido, unspooling Purcell's long, slow melodies in a mezzo voice subtly textured with smoke and golden fire."Chicago Sun-Times

  • Meow Meow

    videoMeow Meow

    Meow Meow close

    Meow Meow

    "Meow Meow grabs the audience like a fistful of putty and moulds us into whatever she wants. We are her playthings and she is our mistress. "Kate Herbert, Herald Sun

  • Sheila Nadler

    Sheila Nadler

  • Kelley O’Connor

    Kelley O’Connor

    Kelley O’Connor close

    Kelley O’Connor

    "Sellars had mezzo-soprano Kelley O'Connor cut her long hair short, a controversial move. But not only did it add to her vulnerability as Mary, it made..."Mark Swed, Los Angeles Times

  • Alla Pozniak

    Alla Pozniak

  • Ekaterina Semenchuk

    videoEkaterina Semenchuk

    Ekaterina Semenchuk close

    Ekaterina Semenchuk

    "The anti-heroine is interpreted by the Russian singer Ekaterina Semenchuck. This gorgeous mezzo-soprano is gifted with an amazing voice; able to sing wonderful mezzo-voce with a..."Matteo Melis, Operaclick

  • Tichina Vaughn

    videoTichina Vaughn

    Tichina Vaughn close

    Tichina Vaughn

    "[...] the "black Venus" Tichina Vaughn bewitched her minstrel with her charmingly sensual, powerful mezzo and her personal charisma. Even in her short appearance in the third..."Der Neue Merker - February 2008

  • Okka von der Damerau

    Okka von der Damerau

    Okka von der Damerau close

    Okka von der Damerau

    "Frau von der Damerau begeistert mit ihrem wunderbar warmen und ausdrucksstark geprägten Mezzosopran und fantastischer darstellerischer Präsenz."Oper Aktuell, by Kaspar Sannemann (Page in Salome, Staatsoper Berlin)

  • Frederica von Stade

    Frederica von Stade

    Frederica von Stade close

    Frederica von Stade

    "During the past three decades, Frederica von Stade has gathered legions of admirers worldwide. They're a fiercely loyal company, and it's easy to understand why. Her..."Donald Spoto, Opera News