Opera Producer/Stage Director

  • Matthew Wild

    videoMatthew Wild

    Matthew Wild close

    Matthew Wild

    Artistic Director, Cape Town Opera

    "Wild ... is a dazzling director who brings a definitive vision to every project he undertakes."Cape Argus

  • Raimundas Banionis

    Raimundas Banionis

  • James Darrah

    videoJames Darrah

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    James Darrah

    "A visionary, supercharged production...This was one of those rare productions in which almost everything seemed ideally suited... [a] stunning visual display...Imaginative and energetic...a..."Melinda Bargreen, KING FM

  • Gabriele Lavia

    Gabriele Lavia

    Gabriele Lavia close

    Gabriele Lavia

    "It's obvious that director Gabriele Lavia [...] possesses a deep understanding of the work's dramatic potential, and also was able to impart his vision to every member..."Emily Hilligoss, SF Weekly

  • Catherine Malfitano

    Catherine Malfitano

  • Damiano Michieletto

    Damiano Michieletto

  • Igor Mitoraj

    Igor Mitoraj

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    Igor Mitoraj

    In Memory of Igor Mitoraj, 26 March, 1944 – 6 October, 2014).

  • David Pountney

    videoDavid Pountney

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    David Pountney

    "Bregenz's recipe has combined totally serious interpretation and a populist touch. Under Pountney, the festival has become both a mission station for popularising opera and the..."Tom Sutcliffe, Opera Now.

  • Yuval Sharon

    videoYuval Sharon

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    Yuval Sharon

    "American director Yuval Sharon finds an independent and exciting path into the work. He draws on all registers of stage art in the age of film..."Badische Zeitung

  • Olivier Tambosi

    Olivier Tambosi

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    Olivier Tambosi

    ""Makropulos Case: Unforgettable, triumphant!… A magnificent new production… an evening comprising nothing but success… a superbly inventive production by director Olivier Tambosi… an unalloyed triumph!" "Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle