• Thomas Adès

    videoThomas Adès

    Thomas Adès close

    Thomas Adès

    "Mr. Adès's playing brought out the music's path-breaking elements, an approach that continued throughout the entire cycle. The point was not to contort the songs..."Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

  • Nelly Akopian-Tamarina

    videoNelly Akopian-Tamarina

    Nelly Akopian-Tamarina close

    Nelly Akopian-Tamarina

    "The piano sound made by the Moscow-born Nelly Akopian-Tamarina was not only distinctive, but almost tangible, like a new thing in the room. Or, rather, an..."Paul Driver, The Sunday Times

  • Dmitri Alexeev

    Dmitri Alexeev

    Dmitri Alexeev close

    Dmitri Alexeev

    "This great poet of the piano warmed his brilliantly articulated playing with a ripe, ringing core to each note."Hilary Finch, The Times

  • Piotr Anderszewski

    Piotr Anderszewski

    Piotr Anderszewski close

    Piotr Anderszewski

    "The Polish-Hungarian pianist Piotr Anderszewski brings myriad colourings, a poetic sensibility and a prodigious though idiosyncratic technique to his performances."The New York Times

  • Leif Ove Andsnes

    videoaudioLeif Ove Andsnes

    Leif Ove Andsnes close

    Leif Ove Andsnes

    Managed in association with Enticott Music Management

    "Andsnes confirmed, and even surpassed, his reputation as one of the most distinguished Beethoven interpreters of our time."Christian Strehk, Kieler Nachrichten

  • Elisso Bolkvadze

    videoaudioElisso Bolkvadze

    Elisso Bolkvadze close

    Elisso Bolkvadze

    "Formidable Talent"The New York Times

  • Simone Dinnerstein

    videoaudioSimone Dinnerstein

    Simone Dinnerstein close

    Simone Dinnerstein

    "...arresting freshness and subtlety..."Time

  • Barry Douglas

    videoaudioBarry Douglas

    Barry Douglas close

    Barry Douglas

    "Douglas is a born Brahmsian."Belfast Telegraph, Terry Blain

  • Julius Drake

    videoaudioJulius Drake

    Julius Drake close

    Julius Drake

    "Mr. Drake delivered an outstanding performance at the piano. Through the near constant manipulation of the pedals, he created a vast palette of colors that ranged..."Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, the New York Times

  • Frank Dupree

    videoaudioFrank Dupree

  • David Fray

    videoaudioDavid Fray

    David Fray close

    David Fray

    "One of the most appealing listening experiences of present times [...] He sounds like no other pianist on record."Norman Lebrecht

  • Hélène Grimaud

    Hélène Grimaud

    Hélène Grimaud close

    Hélène Grimaud

    "Robust rubato, rigorous rhythm, and that slightly staggered interplay between hands which gives breadth and truly Brahmsian style, contributed to a performance of suberb mental and..."The Times, London, Hillary Finch

  • Ran Jia

    Ran Jia

  • Igor Kamenz

    audioIgor Kamenz

    Igor Kamenz close

    Igor Kamenz

    "Wunder dauern länger"(wonders take some time)"Helmut Mauró, SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG

  • Freddy Kempf

    videoaudioFreddy Kempf

    Freddy Kempf close

    Freddy Kempf

    "The delicacy of his touch was almost excruciating… His right-hand twinkled like a music box… The subtle, refined tenderness of Kempf’s musicianship keeps you leaning..."timeout.com.hk

  • HyeJin Kim

    HyeJin Kim

    HyeJin Kim close

    HyeJin Kim

    "Kim's reading struck me as nearly perfect, each phrase had been thought out and the articulation was meticulous yet emotionally shaped. The last chords in the..."Alaska Dispatch News, by Mike Dunham (Alaska Piano-e-Competition)

  • Evgeny Kissin

    videoEvgeny Kissin

    Evgeny Kissin close

    Evgeny Kissin

    "I’m not sure anyone else has the virtuosity to step this far outside the box with such honesty and dignity and power."The Washington Post

  • Igor Levit

    videoaudioIgor Levit

    Igor Levit close

    Igor Levit

    "…one of the most probing, intelligent and accomplished artists of the new generation."The New York Times

  • Jan Lisiecki

    videoJan Lisiecki

    Jan Lisiecki close

    Jan Lisiecki

    "...perhaps the most 'complete' pianist of his age..."BBC Music Magazine

  • Valentina Lisitsa

    videoValentina Lisitsa

    Valentina Lisitsa close

    Valentina Lisitsa

    "Lisitsa is a serious artist… Her essential attribute is a fevered urgency, an almost desperate desire to suck the expressive marrow from a piece"The Daily Telegraph

  • Gabriela Montero

    videoaudioGabriela Montero

    Gabriela Montero close

    Gabriela Montero

    "Montero's playing had everything: crackling rhythmic brio, subtle shadings, steely power in climactic moments, soulful lyricism in the ruminative passages and, best of all, unsentimental expressivity"Anthony Tommasini, New York Times

  • Murray Perahia

    Murray Perahia

    Murray Perahia close

    Murray Perahia

    Principal Guest Conductor of the Academy of St. Martin in the Fields

    "Perahia’s extraordinary pianism is a sacrament of purification and a kind of return to an age of pianistic innocence."Los Angeles Times

  • Navah Perlman

    Navah Perlman

    Navah Perlman close

    Navah Perlman

    "Navah Perlman, with her long flowing gown and lengthy black hair, brings equal parts glamour and virtuosity to the stage. Her spellbinding performance combined with strong..."Lake Placid News

  • Andrei Pisarev

    videoAndrei Pisarev

  • Beatrice Rana

    videoBeatrice Rana

    Beatrice Rana close

    Beatrice Rana

    "Beatrice Rana possesses an old soul that belies her twenty years, and more than a touch of genius."Gramophone Magazine

  • Alexander Romanovsky

    videoAlexander Romanovsky

    Alexander Romanovsky close

    Alexander Romanovsky

    "Alexander Romanovsky is special, not just an extraordinary technician with a flair for color and fantasy, but also a sensitive musician and lucid interpreter"The New York Times

  • Conrad Tao

    videoConrad Tao

    Conrad Tao close

    Conrad Tao

    "“The World Is Very Different Now” proved shapely and powerful, especially in its haunting, accepting if not optimistic coda. At 19, Mr. Tao knows his way around..."The New York Times by James R. Oestreich

  • The 5 Browns

    videoThe 5 Browns

    The 5 Browns close

    The 5 Browns

    "...they broke down the barriers of the traditional piano recital. Sitting in a semicircle of Steinways, the brothers and sisters demonstrated their ability to draw orchestral..."The Washington Post

  • Jean-Yves Thibaudet

    videoJean-Yves Thibaudet

    Jean-Yves Thibaudet close

    Jean-Yves Thibaudet

    "Thibaudet did sensational work at the keyboard..."The Baltimore Sun

  • Simon Trpčeski

    videoSimon Trpčeski

    Simon Trpčeski close

    Simon Trpčeski

    "Trpceski is a remarkable pianist, smartly blending restraint, sense of tonal color and knowing when and how much to unleash bravado, in measured doses."Josef Woodard, Los Angeles Times

  • Nobuyuki Tsujii

    Nobuyuki Tsujii

    Nobuyuki Tsujii close

    Nobuyuki Tsujii

    Joint Gold Medalist of the Thirteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

    "There are moments when this young man could easily take his place alongside legendary Lisztians...such is the nobility and breadth of his conception. I always..."MusicWeb International

  • Christian Zacharias

    Christian Zacharias