• Maria Agresta

    videoMaria Agresta

    Maria Agresta close

    Maria Agresta

    "Maria Agresta è l'altra autentica rivelazione di quest'anno verdiano. Con dominio tecnico, intensità espressiva e dosaggio dei colori, finalmente si ascolta una Desdemona non evanescente."Enrico Girardi, Corriere della Sera

  • Norah Amsellem

    videoNorah Amsellem

    Norah Amsellem close

    Norah Amsellem

    "As that wife, Norah Amsellem is a beautiful woman with a warm spinto voice. She impressively floated lovely phrases without ever sounding forced or strident. Her..."The Opera Critic

  • Jane Archibald

    audioJane Archibald

    Jane Archibald close

    Jane Archibald

    "...a fine cast of excellent voices, led by Canadians Russell Braun, Michael Schade, and Jane Archibald – a musical tour de force. ... Jane Archibald's Donna Anna was..."The Globe and Mail

  • Gun-Brit Barkmin

    Gun-Brit Barkmin

    Gun-Brit Barkmin close

    Gun-Brit Barkmin

    "Gun-Brit Barkmin impresses in her Vienna role debut as an intense, articulate, dramatically marvellous Sieglinde. Barkmin’s voice masters every challenge of the part and her..."Kurier, by Peter Jarolin (Sieglinde in Die Walküre, Wiener Staatsoper)

  • Allison Bell

    videoAllison Bell

    Allison Bell close

    Allison Bell

    "To the character of Sierva Maria, Allison Bell brings a soprano of great agility and lustre; the coloratura writing is delightfully outrageous, but her virtuosity is..."Christopher Ballantine, Opera Magazine, CD Review Glyndebourne Label Live Recording of Love and Other Demons, Peter Eötvös

  • Christine Brandes

    Christine Brandes

    Christine Brandes close

    Christine Brandes

    "For Pamina, there was no contest: Christine Brandes had the role down perfectly, and sang it beautifully. "Seattle Times, Bernard Jacobson

  • Measha Brueggergosman

    videoMeasha Brueggergosman

    Measha Brueggergosman close

    Measha Brueggergosman

    "Measha Brueggergosman's rich, creamy voice, with its solid core and ringing top notes perfectly suits Wagner's Wesendonck Lieder. Her deeply felt, finely nuanced singing captures the..."Victor Carr Jr.,

  • Alyson Cambridge

    videoAlyson Cambridge

    Alyson Cambridge close

    Alyson Cambridge

    "“Radiant, vocally assured, dramatically subtle and compelling and artistically imaginative”"The Washington Post

  • Layla Claire

    videoLayla Claire

    Layla Claire close

    Layla Claire

    "Layla Claire was a wonderful Fiordiligi...acting and singing her role with humour when needed, depth when called for. Her second act aria, Per pieta, was..."Robert Harris, Globe and Mail

  • Danielle de Niese

    videoDanielle de Niese

    Danielle de Niese close

    Danielle de Niese

    "One of the most sought-after singers on the planet."BBC Radio

  • Ellie Dehn

    Ellie Dehn

    Ellie Dehn close

    Ellie Dehn

    "The star of the show was Ellie Dehn... a charismatic soprano with great stage presence and a voice combining metallic clarity and sensual richness."Heidi Waleson, The Wall Street Journal

  • Anna Devin

    audioAnna Devin

    Anna Devin close

    Anna Devin

    "Devin shone like the star she is surely destined to become, for she not only has a distinctive, lovely and virtuoso voice, she is also a..."Classical Music Source

  • Oksana Dyka

    videoOksana Dyka

    Oksana Dyka close

    Oksana Dyka

    "[...] the young Ukrainian soprano Oksana Dyka, is nothing less than sensational."Göran Forsling, Seen and Heard

  • Joyce El-Khoury

    videoJoyce El-Khoury

    Joyce El-Khoury close

    Joyce El-Khoury

    "Soprano Joyce El-Khoury (...) sang the famous aria "Song to the Moon" with heartbreaking longing. El-Khoury was the star, her creamy voice inflecting deep desire, disappointment and..."My San Antonio, by Deborah Martin (Rusalka at San Antonio Opera)

  • Renée Fleming

    videoRenée Fleming

    Renée Fleming close

    Renée Fleming

    Creative Consultant, Lyric Opera of Chicago

    "The Beautiful Voice soared, swelled and glistened at the Kennedy Center on Saturday night. Renee Fleming, the soprano possessed of this sobriquet, gave a recital at..."Anne Midgette, Washington Post

  • Mirella Freni

    Mirella Freni

    Mirella Freni close

    Mirella Freni

    "Veneration of one's elders is not a concept that holds much water these days, although grand opera may be an exception. Broken voices with glorious pasts..."The New York Times

  • Lucrecia García

    Lucrecia García

    Lucrecia García close

    Lucrecia García

    "Yet the evening's greatest vocal triumph belonged to soprano Lucrecia Garcia, who made a superb company debut as Odabella in a performance marked by clarion, precise..."Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle

  • Hibla Gerzmava

    videoaudioHibla Gerzmava

    Hibla Gerzmava close

    Hibla Gerzmava

    "The sensational soprano Hibla Gerzmava is the most remarkable new talent encountered in many a year. "James Sohre, Opera Today

  • Angela Gheorghiu

    Angela Gheorghiu

  • Anne-Catherine Gillet

    videoAnne-Catherine Gillet

    Anne-Catherine Gillet close

    Anne-Catherine Gillet

    "“Anne Catherine Gillet had the audience under her spell with her rich tone embellished by her delightful vibratello and her magnificent high notes..." (« …Elle tient le..."Emmanuel Andrieu

  • Christine Goerke

    Christine Goerke

    Christine Goerke close

    Christine Goerke

    "Above all, Goerke brings a vocal bloom to the role of Elektra that few sopranos today could match. "The New York Times

  • Maria Guleghina

    Maria Guleghina

  • Olga Guryakova

    videoOlga Guryakova

    Olga Guryakova close

    Olga Guryakova

    "Olga Guryakova looked lovely as the feisty Oxana, displaying some of the glinting tone and attractive musicality..."John Allison, Opera

  • Malin Hartelius

    Malin Hartelius

    Malin Hartelius close

    Malin Hartelius

    "Malin Hartelius sang Fiordiligi’s music brilliantly at breakneck speed"Oe24

  • Hei-Kyung Hong

    videoHei-Kyung Hong

    Hei-Kyung Hong close

    Hei-Kyung Hong

    "Ms. Hong, who made her debut at the Met in 1984, still sings beautifully, and performed 'Ah, fors’è lui' lying on the sofa, with expressive commitment. ... She..."Vivien Schweitzer, The New York Times

  • Aleksandra Kurzak

    videoAleksandra Kurzak

    Aleksandra Kurzak close

    Aleksandra Kurzak

    "Kurzak is a dazzling new star."Hugh Canning, The Sunday Times

  • Christiane Libor

    videoChristiane Libor

    Christiane Libor close

    Christiane Libor

    "The revelation and reward is Christiane Libor’s roof-raising Ada, a dramatic soprano with the goods."Francis Carlin, Financial Times

  • Catherine Malfitano

    videoCatherine Malfitano

  • Ana María Martínez

    videoAna María Martínez

    Ana María Martínez close

    Ana María Martínez

    "Back at Lyric was the charismatic soprano Ana María Martínez, whose beautifully sung and finely detailed Marguerite was the linchpin of [the] performance. Not..."John von Rhein, The Chicago Tribune

  • Karita Mattila

    Karita Mattila

    Karita Mattila close

    Karita Mattila

    "What we see is a cool, leggy blonde who has all the cards in her hand and knows it. And what we hear is a radiant..."Andrew Clark, The Financial Times

  • Audra McDonald

    videoaudioAudra McDonald

    Audra McDonald close

    Audra McDonald

    "Audra McDonald’s strengths as a musician have always been best sensed in transitions, the way the singer shifts among registers and styles with uncanny fluidity...."Matthew Guerrieri, The Boston Globe

  • Angela Meade

    videoAngela Meade

    Angela Meade close

    Angela Meade

    "“[Angela Meade] has a strong, supple voice, a knack for floating soft high notes, and an unusual agility in the rapid-fire technique of bel canto singing…” “..." Mike Silverman, The Associated Press

  • Tatiana Melnychenko

    Tatiana Melnychenko

    Tatiana Melnychenko close

    Tatiana Melnychenko

    "... the young Ukrainian Tatiana Melnychenko is an exceptional Abigaille, powerful and equal in all registers, but at the same time flexible and musical: we must say..."FORUM OPERA - LE MAGIZINE DE L'OPÉRA ET DU MONDE LIRIQUE, review Arena Di Verona, 19 June 2013

  • Mary Mills

    videoMary Mills

    Mary Mills close

    Mary Mills

    "The American soprano Mary Mills scores a major success as Katya, dealing handily with the character’s passionate outbursts while bringing poise and sensitivity to her..."George Loomis, The New York Times

  • Liudmyla Monastyrska

    Liudmyla Monastyrska

    Liudmyla Monastyrska close

    Liudmyla Monastyrska

    "It is Liudmyla Monastyrska’s vocally scorching Abigaille, grandly of the old school in volume, tone and technical bravado, who raises the temperature of the evening...."Rupert Christiansen, The Telegraph

  • Tatiana Monogarova

    videoTatiana Monogarova

    Tatiana Monogarova close

    Tatiana Monogarova

    "As Lisa, Tatiana Monogarova moved with a ballerina's grace and sang with a full, rich and radiant soprano."Dallas Morning News, by Scott Cantrell (Lisa in Queen of Spades, Houston Grand Opera)

  • Melody Moore

    videoMelody Moore

    Melody Moore close

    Melody Moore

    "Hers is a lyric voice with distinctively dark overtones and a spinto reach to lend power and excitement. The names of Renata Tebaldi and Gabriella Tucci..."Edward Seckerson, The Independent

  • Mélissa Petit

    videoMélissa Petit

    Mélissa Petit close

    Mélissa Petit

    "[... ] Mélissa Petit was delightful as Edilia, with a luminous soprano who has in the coloratura enormous mobility."Thomas Molke, Online Muzik Magazin

  • Susanna Phillips

    Susanna Phillips

    Susanna Phillips close

    Susanna Phillips

    "The soprano Susanna Phillips had what could be a breakthrough night at the Met as Fiordiligi, who is betrothed to Guglielmo. She has the purity and..."Anthony Tommassini, The New York Times

  • Sandrine Piau

    videoSandrine Piau

    Sandrine Piau close

    Sandrine Piau

    "Piau lives intensely each fluctuating shade of feeling, colouring the text expressively and using the ‘sighing’ appoggiaturas so characteristic of French Baroque music to heighten the..."Richard Wigmore, Gramophone

  • Jessica Pratt

    Jessica Pratt

    Jessica Pratt close

    Jessica Pratt

    "Jessica Pratt, making her role debut, is more than a match as the Syrian Queen, and went straight to the heart with an astonishing lengthy and..."Sunday Express

  • Jessica Rivera

    videoJessica Rivera

    Jessica Rivera close

    Jessica Rivera

    "Jessica Rivera as Kitty gave the most compelling performance of the evening. She was capable of filling the stage and reaching out to the listener even..."Liisamaija Hautsalo, Turun Sanomat

  • Twyla Robinson

    Twyla Robinson

  • Teresa Romano

    videoTeresa Romano

    Teresa Romano close

    Teresa Romano

    "Teresa Romano has a beautiful scenic temperament and impresses us with the power of a very central and towering voice"L’Avant-Scène Opéra

  • Tatyana Ryaguzova

    Tatyana Ryaguzova

  • Hulkar Sabirova

    Hulkar Sabirova

    Hulkar Sabirova close

    Hulkar Sabirova

    "Any performance of Lucia di Lammermoor hangs upon its soprano, and Hulkar Sabirova rose admirably to the occasion. Sabirova’s voice is rich and creamy, her..." Deutscher Oper, Berlin 12 May 2014

  • Ekaterina Scherbachenko

    videoEkaterina Scherbachenko

    Ekaterina Scherbachenko close

    Ekaterina Scherbachenko

    "On the following evening, the Tatiana was the young soprano Ekaterina Shcherbachenko, who was by far the most interesting singer in the second cast, both in..."José M. Irurzun, Seen and Heard International

  • Albina Shagimuratova

    videoAlbina Shagimuratova

    Albina Shagimuratova close

    Albina Shagimuratova

    "In Albina Shagimuratova, the superb Russian soprano who was making her Lyric debut as Gilda, the company has found a shining star indeed. She walked away..."John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune, February 2013

  • Marina Shaguch

    Marina Shaguch

  • Nadine Sierra

    videoNadine Sierra

    Nadine Sierra close

    Nadine Sierra

    "There was no way to listen to soprano Nadine Sierra…and feel anything but awe and delight―a combination of admiration for her current gifts and..."San Francisco Chronicle

  • Chiara Skerath

    videoaudioChiara Skerath

    Chiara Skerath close

    Chiara Skerath

    "Die entzückende Norina von Chiara Skerath verbindet Koloraturgewandtheit mit warmer Kantabilität.[The delightful Norina of Chiara Skerath combines agile coloraturas with warm cantabile.]"Gerhard Kramer, Wiener Zeitung

  • Lauren Snouffer

    audioLauren Snouffer

  • Heidi Stober

    Heidi Stober

    Heidi Stober close

    Heidi Stober

    "The petite soprano Heidi Stober was wonderful as Zdenka, who, as a young man, calls herself Zdenko. Dressed in a trim gray suit, with short blond..."Anthony Tomassini, The New York Times

  • Laura Tatulescu

    videoLaura Tatulescu

    Laura Tatulescu close

    Laura Tatulescu

    "The central figure of Blanche was sung by the American-Romanian Laura Tatulescu. (…) In her role debut, Tatulescu proved to simply be an ideal Blanche - with..."Der Opernfreund (Blanche de la Force in Les Dialogues des Carmélites)

  • Kiri Te Kanawa

    Kiri Te Kanawa

    Kiri Te Kanawa close

    Kiri Te Kanawa

    "For Dame Kiri, the beauty is the voice itself. "The New York Times

  • Elena Tsallagova

    videoElena Tsallagova

    Elena Tsallagova close

    Elena Tsallagova

    "Elena Tsallagova was outstanding as the unbalanced Contessa di Folleville, her agile soprano able to reach coloratura heights without apparent effort or loss of quality. "John McCann, Opera

  • Katie Van Kooten

    videoKatie Van Kooten

    Katie Van Kooten close

    Katie Van Kooten

    "...a major operatic talent. Her singing has something of the same glow radiated by Te Kanawa or Freni, and her endearing charm and bright smile make..."The Daily Telegraph

  • Deborah Voigt

    videoDeborah Voigt

    Deborah Voigt close

    Deborah Voigt

    "Voigt gives Brünnhilde a steely joy. " Die Walküre, The Metropolitan Opera, Justin Davidson New York Magazine

  • Amber Wagner

    Amber Wagner

    Amber Wagner close

    Amber Wagner

    "[As Elisabeth in Tannhäuser]...she produced a gleaming, ample and effortless sound that also was warm and womanly when it needed to be. This is..."John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune

  • Jennifer Wilson

    videoaudioJennifer Wilson

    Jennifer Wilson close

    Jennifer Wilson

    " Surely she is today the brightest soprano, with high notes that are like whiplashes, full of power and pitched exactly right...To my mind, she could..."Seen and Heard International