• Michele Angelini

    videoaudioMichele Angelini

    Michele Angelini close

    Michele Angelini

    "Angelini’s voice is stunningly beautiful. He is a perfect example of a tenor leggiero. His high notes ring true and clearly and he handles the..."edgeboston.com

  • Paul Appleby

    videoPaul Appleby

    Paul Appleby close

    Paul Appleby

    "At 30, the tenor Paul Appleby is nearly double Brian’s age, but he slouches and flops and wears his baggy jeans and polyester windbreaker so convincingly,..."Justin Davidson, New York Magazine

  • Giorgio Berrugi

    videoGiorgio Berrugi

    Giorgio Berrugi close

    Giorgio Berrugi

    "One could not have asked for a more refined interpretation of Verdi than in Berrugi's brilliant timbre. Berrugi displayed a plethora of vocal colors, flawless intonation,..."Melanie O'Neill, Examiner.com

  • Marco Berti

    videoMarco Berti

    Marco Berti close

    Marco Berti

    "The superb Italian tenor Marco Berti [...] is the physical and vocal embodiment of implacability, reinforcing his resolve with such astonishing volume you fear for his vocal..."Stephen Pritchard, The Observer

  • Jean François Borras

    Jean François Borras

    Jean François Borras close

    Jean François Borras

    "As Alfredo, Jean-Francois Borras stole the show. His radiant tenor, brilliantly joyful in his drinking song, intense and impassioned in his love scenes, and forceful in..."The Jerusalem Post

  • Pavol Breslik

    videoPavol Breslik

  • Lawrence Brownlee

    videoLawrence Brownlee

    Lawrence Brownlee close

    Lawrence Brownlee

    "With his sweet tone, fastidious pitch, and poetic phrasing, Brownlee made familiar fare sound intriguingly fresh, banishing, for a moment, the ghosts of Caruso and Pavarotti. "Alex Ross, The New Yorker

  • Robert Brubaker

    Robert Brubaker

    Robert Brubaker close

    Robert Brubaker

    "Robert Brubaker is a superlative singer and actor."Arlene Judith Klotzko, ConcertoNet.com

  • Mario Chang

    videoMario Chang

  • Richard Croft

    videoRichard Croft

    Richard Croft close

    Richard Croft

    "Mr. Croft gives an outstanding portrayal of the ruler incapable of action while deploying his velvety tenor with regal stylishness. His delivery of the challenging “Fuor..."George Looomis. New York TImes

  • Francesco Demuro

    videoFrancesco Demuro

    Francesco Demuro close

    Francesco Demuro

    "As Alfredo, Francesco Demuro made a US debut that may well turn out to have been a significant moment in the annals of American opera. [...] To..."Bernard Jacobson, The Seattle Times

  • Thomas Ebenstein

    videoThomas Ebenstein

    Thomas Ebenstein close

    Thomas Ebenstein

    "Der Kärntner Thomas Ebenstein als Jack fiel bei seinem Staatsopern-Debüt mit einem stimmschönen Tenor auf – man ist auf weitere Rollen neugierig!"Der Neue Merker (Jack O'Brien in Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny, Wiener Staatsoper)

  • Beau Gibson

    audioBeau Gibson

  • Anthony Dean Griffey

    Anthony Dean Griffey

    Anthony Dean Griffey close

    Anthony Dean Griffey

    "To me, Griffey has truly embodied the role, and he plays Grimes as a mentally disturbed man, dissociated from reality and hearing voices in his head...."La scena musicale

  • Roger Honeywell

    Roger Honeywell

    Roger Honeywell close

    Roger Honeywell

    "Honeywell's stage sense is second to none, so his judiciously nuanced dramatic performance was foreseeable; the tenor has come into his own technically as well..."Mark Thomas Ketterson, Opera News

  • Andreas Jaeggi

    videoAndreas Jaeggi

    Andreas Jaeggi close

    Andreas Jaeggi

    "Andreas Jaeggi fait du rôle du fantasque de Hauk-Sendorf un petit bijou de caractérisation et d’humour.[In his role as the unpredictable Hauk-Sendorf,..."Jean-Claude Hurstel, Transversalles

  • Brandon Jovanovich

    Brandon Jovanovich

    Brandon Jovanovich close

    Brandon Jovanovich

    "Mr. Jovanovich is ideal as Sergei. His singing is bright and virile, and he is dramatically fearless."Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

  • Joseph Kaiser

    videoJoseph Kaiser

    Joseph Kaiser close

    Joseph Kaiser

    "Here is a singer of unnerving ability, blessed with a muscular but flexible sound, plenty of tonal color and technical proficiency -- not to mention a..."Joshua Kosman, The San Francisco Chronicle

  • Badri Maisuradze

    videoBadri Maisuradze

    Badri Maisuradze close

    Badri Maisuradze

    "This is one of the greatest tenors of our century!"M. Rostropovich

  • Marius Manea

    Marius Manea

  • Marlin Miller

    videoMarlin Miller

    Marlin Miller close

    Marlin Miller

    "Marlin Miller offered a finely observed Painter, not least in terms of uncommonly sweet-toned vocalism."Mark Berry, Seen and Heard International

  • Andrew Owens

    videoAndrew Owens

    Andrew Owens close

    Andrew Owens

    "Andrew Owens possessed a powerful, yet supple, tenor voice capable of tossing off the Rossini high notes with ease."Der Neue Merker

  • Sean Panikkar

    Sean Panikkar

    Sean Panikkar close

    Sean Panikkar

    "Sean Panikkar is breathtaking as Kodanda, the Crown Prince, and carries us away with his marvelous tenor instrument."Buzz Bellmont, Houston Chronicle

  • Nicholas Phan

    videoNicholas Phan

    Nicholas Phan close

    Nicholas Phan

    "...Between these two pieces, tenor Nicholas Phan nearly stole the show with his poised, ironic portrayal of the swan roasting on a spit. This treacherously high..."Opera News

  • Dimitri Pittas

    Dimitri Pittas

    Dimitri Pittas close

    Dimitri Pittas

    "Dimitri Pittas makes a powerful impression in his HGO debut as Edgardo. His rich tenor, charged with electricity and dynamism, projects the fervor of his love..."Houston Chronicle - Everett Evans

  • Matthew Polenzani

    videoMatthew Polenzani

    Matthew Polenzani close

    Matthew Polenzani

    "Mr. Polenzani is coming into his prime. Though he still has youthful sweetness in his voice, in recent years he has been singing with increasing ardor,..."Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times

  • Sergey Polyakov

    Sergey Polyakov

  • David Portillo

    David Portillo

    David Portillo close

    David Portillo

    "David Portillo brought a perfect Mozartian tenor and solid acting ability to his memorable Ferrando."St. Louis Post-Dispatch

  • Joel Prieto

    videoJoel Prieto

    Joel Prieto close

    Joel Prieto

    "Prieto’s firm and dramatically warm voice, which reaches incredible highs of beauty and magnificence, has that perfectly balanced blend of inner ardor and great musical..."The Upcoming

  • Tom Randle

    audioTom Randle

    Tom Randle close

    Tom Randle

    "Tom Randle’s Ulysses is a masterpiece of intelligent acting and focused singing. (ENO/Young Vic, The Return of Ulysses)"George Hall - The Stage

  • Eleazar Rodriguez

    Eleazar Rodriguez

    Eleazar Rodriguez close

    Eleazar Rodriguez

    "David, sung by Eleazar Rodriguez, is the surprise „Meistersinger“ of the evening: […] he sings the role with great suppleness, outstanding phrasing and an ample, melting tone. "Deutsche Bühne online, by Detlef Brandenburg (David in Die Meistersinger, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe)

  • Andreas Schager

    videoAndreas Schager

    Andreas Schager close

    Andreas Schager

    "What a discovery he is - a virile and throughly physical Siegfried, lithe and lissom, bounding across the stage like the fledgling hero he is, innocent..."The Arts Desk, by Edward Seckerston (Siegfried in Götterdämmerung, Staatskapelle Berlin)

  • Stefano Secco

    videoStefano Secco

    Stefano Secco close

    Stefano Secco

    "One of the most memorable moments goes to debuting Stefano Secco as Gabriele Adorno. His articulation is polished and stalwart from beginning to end. Particularly radiant..."Christie Grimstad, ConcertoNet.com

  • Sergey Semishkur

    videoSergey Semishkur

    Sergey Semishkur close

    Sergey Semishkur

    "This young tenor has a fine mixture of steel and Slavic sap in his tone and his was a fine and atmospheric contribution to the success..."John Quinn, Seen and Heard International

  • Alek Shrader

    Alek Shrader

    Alek Shrader close

    Alek Shrader

    "Vocally flawless...Alek Shrader (Egeo); one can imagine him in an entire palette of Rossini and Belcanto roles."Munich Merkur 2010 (Egeo in Medea in Corintho, Bavarian State Opera)

  • Stuart Skelton

    videoaudioStuart Skelton

    Stuart Skelton close

    Stuart Skelton

    "Stuart Skelton’s Grimes has grown in stature and now sits alongside the very finest interpretations of the role. It’s a voice of great beauty,..."Simon Thomas, Whatsonstage.com

  • Garrett Sorenson

    videoGarrett Sorenson

    Garrett Sorenson close

    Garrett Sorenson

    "Garrett Sorenson’s Lukas more than held his own against this adamant kiss-denier. He has a boyishly appealing demeanor and a hefty tenor of gleam and..."Opera Today

  • Nicky Spence

    videoNicky Spence

    Nicky Spence close

    Nicky Spence

    "Nicky Spence’s disarmingly ingenious David"Richard Morrison, The Times (09/02/15)

  • Kurt Streit

    Kurt Streit

    Kurt Streit close

    Kurt Streit

    "Kurt Streit is indeed a great Idomeneo and a great tenor, tout court, reminiscent of Nicolai Gedda "Michael Miller - The Berkshire Review

  • John Tessier

    John Tessier

    John Tessier close

    John Tessier

    "Tessier has the lyric style, and above all the range, required for the part - he cleanly hit the incredible F above high C that Bellini..."Thomas Garvey, The Hub Review