• Joshua Bell

    videoJoshua Bell

    Joshua Bell close

    Joshua Bell

    Music Director, Academy of Saint Martin in the Fields

    "Mr. Bell doesn’t stand in anyone’s shadow."The New York Times

  • Nikita Boriso-Glebsky

    videoNikita Boriso-Glebsky

    Nikita Boriso-Glebsky close

    Nikita Boriso-Glebsky

    "Nikita Boriso-Glebsky distinguishes himself with the depth of musical thinking, impeccable technique and a rare combination of elegance, naturalness and uncompromising severity of performance."La Libre Belgique

  • Boris Brovtsyn

    Boris Brovtsyn

  • Sarah Chang

    videoSarah Chang

    Sarah Chang close

    Sarah Chang

    "Chang is a complete package as a player -- technically assured, colorfully expansive, subtly probing, boldly commanding."Jeffrey Kaczmarczyk, Grand Rapids Press

  • Ye-Eun Choi

    Ye-Eun Choi

  • Julia Fischer

    Julia Fischer

  • Michael Guttman

    Michael Guttman

  • Hilary Hahn

    videoHilary Hahn

    Hilary Hahn close

    Hilary Hahn

    "Hilary Hahn was and is the epitome of violinist perfection."Egon Bezold, Nürnberger Nachrichten

  • Chad Hoopes

    videoChad Hoopes

    Chad Hoopes close

    Chad Hoopes

    "This young man has a sense of musical drama far beyond his years."Arts Sarasota

  • Anatol Karaev

    videoAnatol Karaev

  • Simone Lamsma

    videoaudioSimone Lamsma

    Simone Lamsma close

    Simone Lamsma

    "This evening's highlight is undoubtedly the soloist Simone Lamsma. In Carl Nielsen's Violin Concerto, she gets to show off all her talents with both technical brilliance...", Norrköping, Felicia Eriksson

  • Daniel Lozakovitj

    videoDaniel Lozakovitj

    Daniel Lozakovitj close

    Daniel Lozakovitj

    Managed in association with Enticott Music Management

    "And then, there was a surprise. Fourteen years old, a baby face with narrow eyes, an impressive anchoring and seriousness: the “little” Daniel Lozakovitj appeared to..."Sylvie Bonier, Le Temps

  • Nemanja Radulović

    videoNemanja Radulović

    Nemanja Radulović close

    Nemanja Radulović

    "The young Serb Nemanja Radulovic was the star of the night... a soloistic firework."Aachener Zeitung

  • Dmitry Sitkovetsky

    videoaudioDmitry Sitkovetsky

    Dmitry Sitkovetsky close

    Dmitry Sitkovetsky

    Music Director, Greensboro Symphony Orchestra

    "Dmitry Sitkovetsky played the work for all it is worth, which is a great deal, despite its relative rarity in the concert repertoire. Intensity and precision..."

  • Nikolaj Znaider

    audioNikolaj Znaider

    Nikolaj Znaider close

    Nikolaj Znaider

    Principal Guest Conductor of the Mariinsky Orchestra

    Managed in association with Enticott Music Management

    "This Mahler Five was spine-shudderingly good... there was also much sumptuous, idiomatically Viennese string playing to admire — and especially the silky deftness, free of cloying over-sentimentality,..."Richard Morrison, The Times