“Perfection” - Critics Praise Igor Levit’s Beethoven: Late Piano Sonatas Recording


Igor Levit: Beethoven The Late Sonatas

Pianist Igor Levit has earned international acclaim for his Sony Classical debut, Beethoven: The Late Piano Sonatas.  Featuring the composer’s revered opps. 101, 106 and 109 – 111, the album has been selected as a Gramophone Editor’s Choice (November 2013) and BBC Music Magazine’s Instrumental Choice (December 2013). 

Michael Tanner, writing in BBC Music Magazine, says, “Those who are searching for perfection can stop here. I have praised many sets of the last five Beethoven Piano Sonatas, and I wouldn't want to withdraw any of the plaudits I have given them, but this set, the first solo recording from Russo-German pianist Igor Levit, sets a new standard that will be very difficult to surpass…Revelatory experiences like this don’t come often in a lifetime.”

Nicholas Salwey, in International Record Review, rating the album as “Outstanding,” writes, “Imagine, if you will, the intellectual rigor of Brendel, the clarity of articulation of Pollini, combined with – excuse the pun – the wisdom of Solomon, and then you get an idea of the extraordinary combination of gifts that one finds fused here. Without supplanting any of those three (or, in my top five, Richard Goode and Schnabel), this set earns its place firmly alongside them. This is the finest release to have crossed my path this year.”

Levit's forthcoming concerts featuring Beethoven's Late Sonatas include:

18th November - Alte Oper Frankfurt, Frankfurt Germany

13 December - Kölner Philharmonie, Cologne Germany

15th December - Museum Villa Rot, Burgrieden - Rot Germany

Please visit igorlevit.com for his full concert schedule


Click here to see Sony Classical’s documentary featurette on the making of the album.



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