Tessa Lark’s acclaimed Stradgrass Sessions release is named to Strings Magazine’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide.

Laurence Vittes of Strings magazine writes:

Tessa Lark‘s Stradgrass Sessions for First Hand Records demonstrates bluegrass played on a Stradivari with a bluegrass band, including the first recording of John Corigliano’s STOMP, Edgar Meyer’s Concert Duo (with the composer on double-bass), a few Bartók duos (with mandolin—very cool), and two pieces by Lark herself. “Stradgrass seems to be a type of musical exploration that is becoming more common within classical violin training,” Lark writes.

Lark says about the recording:

“This album is a snapshot of the way I live in music. Diversely; organically; intimately; sometimes collaboratively, sometimes solitarily; always sincerely; and anywhere, be it a concert hall or home studio.

“Stradgrass is the exploration of the violin’s stylistic capabilities, through various American folk styles, from a Classical lens.

“The word ‘Stradgrass’ first came about in 2015, from the novelty of performing Bluegrass on the Stradivari I was playing at the time: the 1683 ex-Gingold violin, on loan to me until 2018 as a result of my silver medal finish at the 2014 International Violin Competition of Indianapolis. Hearing Bluegrass played on a Strad is unusual, unfortunately, so I thought it warranted its own term. The word has caught on in the social media world and seems to succinctly encapsulate what one might partly expect from a recital of mine.

“Stradgrass seems to be a type of musical exploration that is becoming more common within Classical violin training, and I hope this album will further encourage us all to continue that direction.”

Watch The Stradgrass Sessions featurette, featuring Tessa with on Batiste, Michael Cleveland, Sierra Hull and Edgar Meyer!