The award-winning Calidore Quartet reaches another musical milestone performing complete Beethoven Quartets throughout North America and Europe this season. After the Colburn School in Los Angeles, where they have just kicked off the Beethoven celebrations with stunning performances, they will perform the complete cycle in Toronto, Buffalo, Delaware, Antwerp and Dresden.

The Los Angeles Time wrote of their performances: “This quartet, formed by students at Colburn nine years ago and now taking the world by storm, is astonishing. Its performances of two of late Beethoven quartets Wednesday, some of the most utterly profound chamber music in existence, were shockingly deep. I’ve never heard a quartet so young get so inside this ultimately inscrutable music…The essence of the Calidore is just how centered it is. It does not give the impression of risk-taking but risk-absorbing…the Calidore approached the kind of sublimity other quartets spend a lifetime seeking.”