Daniel Müller-Schott’s new chamber music album Edvard Grieg: the Cello Works – Transcriptions and Songs, recorded with long-time piano partner Herbert Schuch, is available now on Orfeo.  For this all-Grieg album, Müller-Schott, always driven to expand the musical repertoire for his instrument and with a keen sense of transcriptions, has transcribed and recorded for the first time the violin sonata in C minor, Op. 45, No. 3, for the cello. Accompanied by his long-standing duo-partner Herbert Schuch on piano, the short Intermezzo in A minor (EG 115) guides us to the second part of the album, where the duo presents selected songs of various characters transcribed for cello and piano.

Müller-Schott says, “Grieg lived in a time of romantic music knowing Tchaikovsky, Brahms and having incredible influences in his time. I have learned that Grieg was seen as “progressive” in his time, which I found very inspiring. Getting to know the songs by Grieg is another discovery. The texts are so pure and deeply emotional, and the music shows on one hand the tragedies in his life – the loss of both parents very early and his little daughter – on the other hand the light and optimism to cherish every moment of his time…The idea of making this recording is to experience the incredible complexity of Grieg’s music and to explore more of the life of Edvard Grieg through his music.”

Photo credit: Kaupo Kikkas