Francesco Lecce-Chong brings Wagner’s complete Tristan and Isolde to Eugene Symphony. As the beginning of a three-year project exploring Richard Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde, Eugene Symphony presents Act I on April 21, 2022 starring Nina Warren (Isolde), Roy C. Smith (Tristan), Ola Rafalo (Brangane) and Eugene Villanueva (Kurwenal). This is only the second time the opera has been performed in Oregon, and was previously only performed in Portland some 50 years ago. Act II and Act III will follow in upcoming seasons.

“Wagner’s Tristan and Isolde is one of the most consequential pieces of art ever created and I am thrilled to bring it in its entirety to Eugene for what may be the largest project in our orchestra’s history,” says Francesco Lecce-Chong. “By dividing the three epic acts of the opera across three seasons, audiences will have a chance to immerse themselves in this intoxicating sound world and discover how music, literature, and philosophy were all forever changed in its wake.”

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