Pianist Igor Levit has just completed a marathon week of debuts, beginning with his debut at The Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam followed by major debuts in Boston and Carnegie Hall, before making his recital debut in Washington DC.

In their five star review of Mr Levit’s Concertbebouw debut, de Volkskrant describes Mr Levit as “a great” before writing that it will not be long before the Russian pianist features in The Concertgebouw’s Great Hall.

Similar praise is given by Zoë Madonna of the Boston Globe who describes Mr Levit as “transfixing”, writing: “The manner in which he sculpted the intensity, volume, and duration of every phrase was clearly deliberate and well practiced, yet gave the impression of a free state of flow. It was almost impossible to look away.”

Zachary Woolfe of The New York Times described Levit’s Carnegie Hall debut as “hypnotic”, ending his review by calling Levit “one of the essential artists of his generation.”

In Washington, Anne Midgette (The Washington Post) was effusive in her praise after Mr Levit’s Washington recital debut, writing: “Over the course of 2½ hours of heartfelt music — which flew by more rapidly than many recitals half as long — he offered world upon world of sound, offered with digital-quality clarity and detail and infused with analog warmth […] I may never hear a better performance of the Diabelli Variations.”