We at IMG Artists stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine against the tyranny of invasion. We are united with our Ukrainian and international artists and colleagues who share our shock, outrage and profound sorrow. We are motivated by the bravery and fortitude of the Ukrainian people and will support them wholeheartedly. We also extend our sympathies and support to our Russian artists, who though wholly innocent of the aggressions perpetrated by their government, face ostracization, cancellations, the loss of their homes, and are fearful for their loved ones, simply because of where they were born.

Arts and culture illuminate the better parts of humanity, and do not exist on a separate plane from political, social or moral issues. This is made evident by the countless acts of unity and support for Ukraine by performers, venues and audiences in the face of this crisis.

We are inspired by the courage and resilience of Ukraine and its people as they defend their lives and way of life. We hope that their spirit ushers in a greater peace and understanding around the world.