Christopher Serkin, Chair and President of Marlboro Music, announced today that the Board of Trustees has appointed pianist Jonathan Biss to join Mitsuko Uchida as co-artistic director of the revered retreat in Vermont’s Green Mountains.

Mr. Serkin, the grandson of Marlboro Music founder Rudolf Serkin, said, “Jonathan’s appointment as co-artistic director marks the next important evolution at Marlboro. He has the musical integrity that is the hallmark of our community, a 20-year history of participation at Marlboro to maintain a sense of continuity, and the vision to help guide the next generations of great musicians.”

Mr. Biss said, “Marlboro has been my true musical home for many years now: the place where I feel the most purely connected to music, and where the intensity and sheer joy of making music are most palpable to me. To a great extent, I am the musician I am today because of what I learned here, first from many of the senior musicians, and more recently, from musicians my age and a generation younger than I am. To be joining Mitsuko, who has been an inspiration to me for so many years, in this leadership role, is humbling and thrilling in equal measure.”

Ms. Uchida said, “I first came to Marlboro in 1974 as a young participant, then as a senior player and as director for the last 26 years. During these years I have learned from so many people young and old on a musical and a human level, while exploring music together. It is a great joy to me that Jonathan, who also embodies the spirit of Marlboro, is joining me as co-director. We will plot the future together. If music be the food of love, play on!”

Marlboro Music, described by The New Yorker as “the classical world’s most coveted retreat,” is widely recognized as the leading center for advanced professional training in music. Since its founding, this unique program and community has developed generations of young artists who have become leaders in all areas of music and has played an integral role in the explosion of interest in chamber music. As Ms. Uchida stated, “Rudolf Serkin created Marlboro in 1951. He was a refugee from Nazi Germany who ran this school-festival with integrity and fierce honesty. Time moves at a different pace in Marlboro: different groups rehearse works of music for weeks on end, often in search of hidden meanings, with commitment and love.”

Both Ms. Uchida and Mr. Biss will be in residence at Marlboro each season and will guide and oversee the artistic and educational program. Like Ms. Uchida, Mr. Biss will generously forego summer engagements and performance fees to participate at Marlboro.