Julia Fischer is breaking new ground in order to allow classical music enthusiasts and fans to participate more directly in her concert life and to inspire new audiences for classical music.

To this end, she is now launching the JF CLUB online. Members have the opportunity to listen to new recordings of Julia Fischer, read texts written by Julia Fischer about her recordings, concerts, and ideas for new recording repertoire, as well as to see videos and pictures. Club members will also have the exclusive opportunity to attend rehearsals with Julia Fischer or to meet her after a concert. This content is exclusively available to JF CLUB members.

“I have been involved in the classical music business for twenty years. During this time, I have encountered various inhibitions that make it difficult for people to access the wonderful experience of a classical concert. Some of them shy away from unknown repertoire and have too much respect for anything that is not Mozart, Brahms or Beethoven. Others are essentially interested in classical music, but are deterred by the seemingly rigid rituals of attending a concert, which they might consider awkward, even old-fashioned. With my club, I am trying to fill a new, younger audience with enthusiasm for classical music and at the same time make new repertoire accessible in an uncomplicated and direct way”, says Julia Fischer, explaining the reasons for opening her JF CLUB platform.

The platform presents content in four categories: LISTEN, READ, WATCH and MEET. With the launch of the platform, Julia Fischer presents her new recording of Eugène Ysaÿe’s Six Solo Sonatas in the LISTEN section, as well as six corresponding works by various composers who had an impact on Ysaÿe. The stream is available in CD quality. In a text for the READ section, for example, Julia Fischer describes how violinist Manuel Quiroga, to whom Ysaÿe dedicated the sixth solo sonata, influenced this work. Under WATCH, club members will find videos with Julia Fischer explaining how she experiences each sonata herself and what influenced her interpretation.

“I particularly do not want to reach only those who are already fans of classical music or my interpretations. The JF CLUB is aimed at music lovers, music students, fans and concertgoers. And to all those who are somehow interested in classical music already or might be interested in it, but do not want to spend an entire evening in the concert hall. Or have so far refrained from occupying themselves with music because the whole trappings seem too elitist to them. My wish is that they all find added value in the JF CLUB. For some, it will be an additional detail, a new thought. For others, the first contact with a piece without having to buy a concert ticket or an entire CD. By explaining the pieces, my way of working and my ideas, I hope to facilitate access to the music”, says Julia Fischer.

A membership in the JF CLUB costs 5 Euro per month or 50 Euro per year. The JF CLUB is available via Julia Fischer’s website www.juliafischer.com