Barry Douglas has teamed up with his son Liam, lead guitarist of up-and-coming indie rock band Becky and the Keys, for a new podcast series, Wirelessin. Released fortnightly, the pair chat about life as a musician, sharing stories of life on the road. They also reflect on life in a musical family, and share times they have worked together.

DeMars Magazine’s Stephen Brennan writes, “If you are a musician, or fan of live music, this podcast is for you.” He adds:

“Despite the obvious genre-spanning differences, the two hosts often find common ground while casually conversing about their diverse musical careers. The podcast has a relaxed interview format that drifts into fondly told anecdotes of what it means to live life as a professional musician; be it the ‘lightning bolt’ moment that kicks off a lifelong passion, or where to find the best hotels.

Wirelessin’ comes at the perfect time, it has potential to fill the void that a lot of musicians and music fans have been feeling over the last 12 months. Listening to Liam and Barry recount the tales of their musical past and adventures is in equal measures informative and entertaining, be it how to bounce back from injury or how to react when there is a ghost at the end of your hotel room bed (no, really).”

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