Simone Dinnerstein releases Richard Danielpour’s An American Mosaic March 26 on Supertrain Records.

Simone writes, “I am proud to announce the release of An American Mosaic. It features a rich and compelling suite of fifteen miniatures by Richard Danielpour that he composed for me last summer. Each movement commemorates a segment of American society that was affected by the events of this year. The music is thoughtful, intimate, soulful, and full of hope. It is lyrical and beautiful, with a sense of narrative. Also on the disc are three Bach transcriptions arranged by Richard especially for me. There is a beautiful story to the origin of this album, starting with an insomniac composer and leading to this collaboration.”

Watch Simone Dinnerstein perform Danielpour’s “Doctors and Interns” and Bach/Danielpour’s “Chorale” from An American Mosaic