Bach’s six Cello Suites are among the most cherished of all the works in the classical music literature. Shrouded in mystery — they were largely unknown for some two hundred years after their composition — they have acquired a magical aura which continues to attract and fascinate audiences the world over. To cellists they represent a musical bible, to listeners, scarcely less. Through what are on the surface simple dance suites, Bach takes us on a spiritual journey like no other, leading us from joy to tragedy, concluding in jubilation, even triumph.

Award-winning international cellist Steven Isserlis, whose recent recording of the Suites met with the highest critical acclaim, goes deep into that emotional journey, bringing to bear all his many years’ experience of performing the Suites. His book is intended as a rewarding companion for all music lovers, ranging from the casual listener to the performing musician. By offering his own very personal observations of the music, Isserlis’ aim is to take the reader further into the world of the Suites in order to enhance the experience of hearing some of the greatest works ever composed.

Steven Isserlis’ Bach Cello Suites – A Companion is published in hardcover by Faber.

“Steven Isserlis is one of the world’s great cellists, and his recordings of the Bach cello suites in 2007 were critically acclaimed for the integrity of their interpretation. Now he brings that insight to bear in a highly engaging book “for music lovers of all shapes and sizes”. From a brief biography of Bach, through the historical context and emotional significance of the suites, Isserlis produces an illuminating, accessible and detailed analysis of one of Bach’s seminal works.” – The Guardian

“Isserlis is the master of the material, yet always able to make it accessible . . . It is an absolute treat to be led to this sublime music by such an enthusiastic expert.” – Michael Palin

“The book I’ve always wanted: an accessible, eloquent guide to the world’s greatest — and maybe most elusive — pieces of music. And written by the man I’d want to tell me about it. This is such a delight.” – Derren Brown

Praise for Steven Isserlis’ BACH: THE CELLO SUITES

“The most wonderful cello-playing, surely among the most consistently beautiful to have been heard in this demanding music.” – Gramophone

“Isserlis has done the impossible. He has given the listener something new, and indeed something outstandingly good . . . This recording can sit proudly on the shelf alongside the great recordings of Casals and Rostropovich. In fact, I may find myself picking it up as the favourite.” – BBC RADIO 3