On the occasion of the commemoration of the Pogrom Night on November 9, 1938, in which the Dresden Synagogue was set on fire, musicians of the Dresden Philharmonic under their Chief Conductor Michael Sanderling will tonight perform a very special concert in the Kulturpalast.  They will be playing on violins which once belonged to victims of the Holocaust, collected and restored by the Israeli violin maker Amnon Weinstein.   Each instrument carries its own powerful story – one violin belonged to an Auschwitz prisoner, other instruments accompanied Jewish musicians fleeing to Palestine.  These violins are not only memorials,  but they are also symbols of hope and should convey to the younger generation the message “never again and nowhere” (Weinstein).

The concert includes Bloch’s Baal Shem, Ravel’s Kaddish from Two Hebrew Melodies and the Adagio from Mahler’s 9th Symphony.

The concert was sponsored by the Circle of Friends Dresdner Synagoge e. V. and the Catholic Academy of the Diocese of Meissen-Dresden and is being held as part of commemorative events organized by the City of Dresden.

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