Alexander Nevsky

Film with Orchestra


When Russian director Sergei Eisenstein and composer Sergei Prokofiev became acquainted in May 1938, each was already world-famous, but their collaboration on the film Alexander Nevsky was to add a new dimension to both their reputations:  that of being matchmakers for the first great wedding of music and visual images on film.

Prokofiev, then 47, had returned to Russia in 1936, after 18 years of living abroad, mainly in the United States and Paris.  Although he had achieved a degree of fame in Russia as the “enfant terrible” of modern music by the time of his departure in 1918, international renown for many of his significant works came during the years of  his self-imposed exile in the West.  His reputation languished, however, during those first two years back in Russia, and the composer needed an opportunity both to reach the Russian people and satisfy the government, which by 1938 was conducting purges of the arts.  Therefore, when Eisenstein invited him to write the music for a new patriotic film, Alexander Nevsky, Prokofiev was enthusiastic about the chance to work again on a film score (having done his first in 1933), this time with the legendary Eisenstein.

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