Alexandra Marcellier




Alexandra Marcellier was born in Perpignan (France). She started her violin studies when being 6 years old. When turning 19 she decided to devote herself to singing. Having completed her studies at the Bordeaux Conservatory with the soprano Maryse Castets and Martine Marcuz, a musical-coach at the Bordeaux Opera, the young soprano is currently being cared for by the soprano Florence Guignolet.

In 2015 she was awarded the “Young Singer’s Prize” from the Vocal Competition of the Friends of the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux. She was subsequently selected to attend the master-class of Silvana Bazzoni-Bartoli at the Menuhin Festival in Gstaad (Switzerland) within three consecutive years. In 2017 she was awarded three prizes from the Osaka Competition as well as the Audience
Prize from the Robert Massard International Competition at the Bordeaux Opera.

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“Alexandra Marcellier once again lit up the stage as Butterfly in a role she already inhabits with subtlety and emotion.”

“..The instrument is of great nobility, of a beautiful homogeneity in all registers, and superbly projected. A talent to follow.”

Brigitte Maroillat

Forum Opera, Nov 2021

“The voice of the young soprano from Perpignan, a former pupil of Maryse Castets and now of Florence Guignolet, is already supple and assured, the sumptuous legato, the breath..”

Hervé Casini

Première Loge, Nov 2021