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The Argentine based company, Che Malambo, excites audiences through precise footwork and rhythmic stomping, drumming of the bombos, and singing and whirling boleadoras (lassos with stones on the end). Presenting a thrilling, percussive dance and music spectacle, the company’s work celebrates the unique South American cowboy tradition of the gaucho. This powerhouse all-male company of gauchos is directed by French choreographer and former ballet dancer, Gilles Brinas. 

Like many who fall under the spell of traditional dances, Gilles Brinas is fascinated and troubled by the Malambo. He flew to Buenos Aires in search of this dance so typical of the Pampa region of Argentina. Brinas was drawn to the particular rhythms, the haunting characters, and the lonely expressions of the gaucho who spends his life on horseback. The Malambo is filled with deeply personal solos reflecting this rich tradition. Brinas was inspired by the talented artists he found in Buenos Aires and was moved to create the company Che Malambo from the best Malambo dancers in Argentina.

After premiering in Paris in 2007 and sporadically touring around the world, Che Malambo embarked on a 3 city U.S. tour in 2013. In 2015, the company was invited for a limited engagement performing on the opening night of New York City Center’s annually sold-out series, Fall for Dance. Since 2016, the company has performed in over 100 cities in 11 countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East including 4 N. American tours and week long runs in London, Berlin, Cologne and a 60 performance 3 month run in Paris, France.”


“The men dance with a power and passion that builds into a kind of ecstasy, after teasing us with their fierce solemnity…”

Boston Globe

“The explosive Latino “Stomp”

Sud Ouest

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“The men dance with a power and passion that builds into a kind of ecstasy, after teasing us with their fierce solemnity…”

Boston Globe 

“The explosive Latino “Stomp””

Sud Ouest 

” …14 men of Che Malambo, an Argentine company founded and directed by the French dancer Gilles Brinas, and they sent the audience into uproarious applause.”

New York Times 

“I don’t know who enjoyed the performance more – the performers or the audience.”

Berkshire edge 

“Their drumming was a dance as well, as their arms lifted gracefully and then brought the sticks down on their “bombos” in impossibly fast-moving patterns.”

Times Union 

“From the initial ensemble groupings there was a pealing off to feature the most gifted drum and dance soloists. Each of these displays of astonishing skill were met with thunderous applause”

Berkshire Fine Arts 

“The closing number may have surprised even the most seasoned dancegoers: a thrilling display of malambo, a traditional dance of South American cowboys that doesn’t come around New York too often. Fourteen stomping, drumming, roaring men pounded rapid-fire rhythms into the ground with many surfaces of their feet — heels, toes, inside and especially outside edges — and with spinning boleadoras, floor-skimming stones attached to lassoes.”

New York Times 

“Che Malambo is a performance brimming with passion, commitment and talent. It is truly outstanding – a must for anyone interested in rhythm and dance. “

MyVan City 

“It was a sight to behold and hear. Each set was a series of rhythmic climaxes. It’s difficult to imagine someone watching them without blood and spirit stirring. If drumming is thought of as a display of primal instincts this goes back one step further. We saw rhythmic energy raw and vital, with lighting exactly right to keep the spectacular in total view. Percussion from clapping, drums, feet and lassos were lending us an imagined window to a rugged horseman’s soul. “

Splash Magazine 

“Whether dance is your thing or not, you will undoubtedly enjoy this explosive performance and the dancer’s genuine passion.”

F News Magazine 

“Recorded audio interview with Matthew Bledsoe – Che Malambo’s agent and producer. “

KLCC Radio 

“Informative interview with Gilles Brinas – Che Malambo’s founder and artistic director. “

Georgia Straight Vancouver