Firebird: Reimagined

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Firebird: Reimagined premiered in the US during the summer of 2016, appearing with orchestras in some of the premier outdoor amphitheaters in the US.  The piece was performed with a live orchestra on stage with the dancers and puppeteers.  Subsequent tours can be presented as either a theatrical dance piece performed to recorded music or can be performed with a live orchestra.

This production of The Firebird, directed by Janni Younge and choreographed by Jay Pather, is a puppet and dance performance set to Stravinsky’s original score. Janni Younge’s Firebird draws on the symbolism and dramaturgy of Fokine’s original choreography (based on figures from Russian folklore) and reinterprets them in a contemporary South African setting, using larger-than-life puppets and African dance forms.

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“Compelling clarity, even directness – owing to a polished combination of Younge’s focus storyline and direction, Jay Pather’s high-powered choreography, superb dancing and the enchantment of those larger-than-life puppets.”

Lawrence B. Johnson

Chicago on the Aisle

“There is a bigness to nearly everything going on – Janni Younge’s puppets, the energetic splash of Michael Clark’s animation, and, of course, the music… And yet much of the beauty lies in the principles of subtlety. Younge’s creations may look like escapees from the Museum of Natural History, but they move with great sophistication.”

Peter Dobrin

The Philadelphia Inquirer