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Serbian-French violinist Nemanja Radulović champions the power of music to bring people together with his unique energy and candour, thrilling virtuosity, depth of expression, and adventurous programming. His hotly-anticipated BBC Proms debut in 2019 with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra and Kirill Karabits featured a Barber Violin Concerto played with ‘lyric delicacy and last-movement super-virtuosity’ (The Times).

Signed exclusively to Warner Classics in 2021, Mr Radulović’s debut album on the label – ROOTS – represents a beguiling sonic journey evoked by his many influences and inspirations to date. His previous album, Baïka, one of a string of nine successful recordings made with Deutsche Grammophon and the Universal Music Group labels, was declared ‘a fiery whirlwind of an album…’ by BBC Music Magazine, which awarded it 5 stars and the coveted Critics’ Choice Award. Gramophone Magazine praised Baïka’s ‘imaginative pairings’, saying that ‘…Radulović dispatches [the Khachaturian Violin Concerto] with energy and firepower…’ and that ‘…with Radulović as narrator, this is an album with entrancing tales to tell.’

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Nemanja Radulović’s New Album “Roots” Is Available Now

Violinist Nemanja Radulović's new album Roots is available now on Warner Classics. In his first album with the record label, Roots draws on a diversity of cultures in a musical tour of the world. Imagined during the Covid-19 pandemic, Radulović took time to consider...


“Radulović was wonderful throughout, but excelled in the tricky and controversial third section. The finale was deemed too difficult to play when debuted, but Radulović tackled the piece with breath-taking skill and a truly virtuoso performance.”

Aliya Al-Hassan

Broadway World

“He’s an engaging performer – swaying, dancing, and in complete communication with the orchestra, catching the eye of each section that accompanies him, as though sharing a special moment. […] Radulović, though, packed a punch when it was needed, and the final movement was full of virtuosic sawing that elicited a well-deserved roar from the audience at its completion.”

Barry Creasy

Music OMH

“Firstly, his sound is utterly beautiful, exactly what the long lines of Barber’s concerto require. His technique is boundless, heard initially in terms of the sure tuning of his stopping and, later, in that perilous finale.”

Colin Clarke

Seen and Heard

“It was in Ravel’s fiendish Tzigane that Radulović really caught fire, attacking the opening cadenza with gritty heft, before backing off suddenly for soft brushes of melody, the violinist embracing the improvisatory style of the composer’s gypsy-inspired work with natural showmanship and virtuosity.”

Angus McPherson