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For one hundred fifty years, Tango has been the dance turned to when expressing love. It is the one universally recognized duet that has conveyed to millions in film and theatre the complexity of passion between a man and a woman. The passionate music and fiery dance of the Tango have undergone a renaissance in recent years, a testament to its ability to capture the imagination of lovers of music and dance around the world – erotic, seductive, and irresistible. The Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires brings this smoldering art form to the stage with twelve spectacular dancers and a quartet of brilliant musicians, tracing the history of the art form from its origin on the streets of Buenos Aires through its evolution into contemporary ballroom styles. The success of Tango Fire has been phenomenal; it has toured the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia and South Africa to high acclaim. Led by Director of Choreography German Cornejo, known to American audiences from his winning appearance with partner Gisela Galeassi on Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s Q’Viva!, the company will bring an all-new production to North America in January of 2018

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“Sexy and Breathless Daring”

Sydney Morning Herald

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“Sexy and Breathless Daring”

Sydney Morning Herald

“Rarely has the tempestuous tango looked like so much exuberant, out-and-out fun as in Tango Fire.”

The Boston Globe

“A sizzling, sensual taste of the real thing…sexual electricity crackling at the arch of an eyebrow, exploding at the twitch of a hip.”

The Evening Standard, London

“….these glamorous men and women are the finest tango artists I’ve ever seen. Anyone who didn’t see Tango Fire at Town Hall on November 12, dancing to the music of the greatest composer of the twentieth century, Astor Piazzolla, missed out on the most important music and dance event all century. I could explain why, but you really had to be there.”

Tom Wolfe, New York Magazine

“Tango Fire? Tango inferno is more like it.”

Ottawa Citizen