The 5 Browns

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The 5 Browns are delivering on their dream to wake up classical music by introducing it to the widest, largest and most excited audience they can find. Whether performing individually or together in various combinations from duo to complex five-piano arrangements, The 5 Browns reveal a deep connection to the intent of their material while bringing a fresh energy and dynamic character to the color and tonal spectrum of their sound.

The 5 Browns – Ryan, Melody, Gregory, Deondra and Desirae – all attended New York’s Juilliard School. In fact, they became the first family of five siblings ever accepted simultaneously. The quintet enjoyed their first wave of critical attention in February 2002 when People magazine dubbed them the “Fab Five” at about the same time they were featured on Oprah and 60 Minutes. The 5 Browns have released 3 CDs that each went to #1 on Billboard Magazine’s Classical Album Chart. The New York Post has proclaimed: “One family, five pianos and 50 fingers add up to the biggest classical music sensation in years…When these kids do Rachmaninoff, they’ll make you forget about Marshall amps.”

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“…they broke down the barriers of the traditional piano recital. Sitting in a semicircle of Steinways, the brothers and sisters demonstrated their ability to draw orchestral colors out of the 440 piano keys.”

The Washington Post

““The Edge of the World” was fun to hear. I was astonished by the precision with which the talented Browns executed their keyboard gymnastics, not to mention their crisp coordination with the CSO under James Conlon.”

Chicago Tribune

” …the performance was a triumph, driving the audience to near-frenzy…One can only celebrate the unabashed joy and love of music heard and seen in the performances of The 5 Browns.”

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune

“This kind of performance really does have to be witnessed to be fully appreciated: the puzzle-piece configuration of the pianos, the trance-like state of the performers during certain pieces, the zeal and energy each sibling brings to the keys.”