Wolfe Bowart - The Man the Sea Saw

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Acclaimed physical theatre creator Wolfe Bowart presents the spectacular and enchanting The Man the Sea Saw. Some days a quiet picnic on a melting ice floe is not as straightforward as it seems. With a creak, a crunch and a splash, the best-laid plans can be cut adrift and a man can only surrender to the deep ebb and flow of daydreams, memories and magic… Wrapped in a dazzling set that unfolds like a surreal pop-up book, this tender, touching adventure finds the calm harbour between acrobatic suspense, extreme hilarity and poignant themes of family, loss and love. The Man the Sea Saw is a breathtaking new peak of innovative physical comedy from acclaimed writer/performer Wolfe Bowart. Hailed as a modern day Chaplin, Bowart brings to the stage a profound sense of childlike wonder that resonates with audiences of all ages. His fantastical productions weave together comedy and pathos, stage illusion, puppetry, film and a touch of old world circus in a joyous theatrical experience for the whole family.


“Beautiful imagery, wonderfully playful, poignant, funny.”

Daily Telegraph, Sydney

“Bowart acts wordlessly but with boundless expression, his silent movie-actor’s face, acrobat’s body and magician’s hands telling us all we need to know about the sweet sadness of a lost man finally abandoning himself and his dreams to the elements.”

The West Australian, Perth