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With IMG Artists, you are working with experienced, insightful, and dedicated specialists across the performing arts and cultural landscapes. Our goal is to achieve holistically successful initiatives for our artists, partners, and clients. We use a reflective and responsive approach to ensure that our advice, plans, and projects are in line with your ethos and that they result in elevated, innovative, and engaging endeavours that realise your objectives.


Through our team across three continents; celebrated roster of nearly 400 artists, ensembles, and projects; and our annual 7,000+ events in more than 60 countries each year, IMG Artists holds profound knowledge of trends that impact the cultural landscape today and are predictive for the future. Our team will work with you to create a vibrant, multi-faceted programme whether it is for a small to large-scale festival, exhibition, performance series, season concept, or long-term planning that grows with your organisation and audience.


Before you connect with your audience, you must know your ethos and essence. IMG Artists’ internal team and external network gets to the heart of your project or organisaiton through ideation and DNA sessions. We encourage our artists and clients to reflect and engage on their message and what they want to achieve. From this, we build your story and create the content and strategy for you to tell it effectively. In addition, we provide print and digital design, photo and video shoot direction, package design, and more that will enhance and amplify your message.


The cultural world has faced, and risen to meet, a series of challenges in recent years. Constant change can, however, take a major toll on an organisation. From financial strains due to funding changes; immigration and visa concerns; new contract requirements; organisational size and structure fluctuations; changes to local, national, and international compliance and regulations; it is easy to feel overwhelmed and to be unsure of your instincts.

IMG Artists is here to help. In addition to our artist management, touring and project groups, our operations and finance team has decades of regional, national, and international strategic business, organisational development, and change management experience. Following an in-depth review and discussion process, we will be able to provide various solutions including reviews and guidance on structure, HR and culture enhancements and requirements, risk management, research and analytics, knowledge management system development, and sustainable, strategic business planning. We can alleviate the stress and insecurity that is caused by uncertainty and changes to essential back-office functions so that you and your team may move forward with confidence and focus on your core objectives and growth.


IMG Artists has created, developed, and produced artistically and commercially successful acts and shows for decades. Our team will work with you to realise your own concept and bring it to stages around the world, or develop an entertainment offering for you that achieves your objectives. In addition to our own roster of artists and projects, our extensive network allows us to collaborate with top artists and creators around the world who specialise in immersive and AR/VR experiences; light, video, and sound artists; fine artists; stage designers and directors; and culinary and wine experts.


Securing requisite funding is a major challenge for many in the cultural fields. Patronage has always walked hand and hand with the arts, and finding a supportive partner who aligns with your project or organisation’s values is more essential than ever. IMG Artists and its extensive network of development experts can help. Our work may include building audience relationship and rewards programmes, securing brand partnerships, good and services connections, and fundraising at all levels to ensure the sustainable, successful running of your initiative for the short or long term.


For all the importance of a brilliant, engaging concept, phenomenal line-up of talent, fantastic media partnerships and a sold-out box office, the success of an event often hinges on the brass tacks of travel and logistics. From a travel and logistics perspective, the world has not fully emerged from the pandemic. Visas are more complex, customs cumbersome, flights are fewer, shipping costly, and the workforce is reduced in certain sectors. All of this can cause great anxiety, and it is why it is essential to have a partner with the knowledge, contacts, attention to detail and due diligence to see it through.

Luckily, at IMG Artists, travel and logistics are at the heart of all we do. Our roster of leading artists, projects and ensembles need to make it to their engagements – nearly 7,000 each year in more than 60 countries – as efficiently and stress-free as possible. We have vast experience in planning and logistics for complex sets, costuming, rigging and equipment for major productions including opera. Though
this element of the industry may not seem as exciting as others, our team takes great pride in ensuring that everyone and everything gets where it is going and when it is supposed to be there so that our artists and clients can relax knowing that the essentials are in expert hands.


We believe that engaging with all aspects of the arts – whether performing, visual, cinematic, multimedia, epicurean, literary, or fashion – is essential to a fulfilled human existence. Through our festival and event management team, we have developed and produced a rich variety of experiences for audiences throughout Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. Whether you are looking for a partner to manage elements of an event, or for full 360-degree development and production, IMG Artists will deliver a successful
event that aims to surpass your expectations.


IMG Artists is proud to be a partner of ES Global and Soundforms. ES Global has a reputation for exceeding expectations, even in challenging circumstances. They pride themselves on delivering all projects to a high standard, on time – every time. ES Global provides three key services to the music, sports, cultural and public sector markets.


For more information and to discuss how IMG Artists Consulting may deliver solutions for your organisation, please contact:

John Evans
COO – IMG Artists

Matthew Bledsoe
EVP – Dance & Special Projects

Becky Farrell
Executive Director – Europe