Thomas Dausgaard welcomes you to Thomas’ Music Room. This new interactive concept for music and children launches on Friday, 28 May on YouTube. The weekly series will feature 10-12 minute episodes that inspire children to experience music in new, fun and interesting ways.

Thomas was motivated to create this new channel during the COVID-19 pandemic. He says, “In this long and difficult time, our children have been hit hard. With this channel we hope to open a new kind of dialogue with children – and other childlike souls – about music. About the music I love, music of all genres, but with a focus on classical music.”

“The concept is founded and developed in collaboration with Alissa Rossius, who is also co-editor, in the wish to offer children a different way to discover music – and an interactive one. We invite our audience to share with us what the music inspires them to do – so that the channel becomes a fountain of creativity. It may be a poem or text, a video, music, dance, art, photography, or indeed any art form that may be shown on YouTube!”

Throughout the series, Thomas will be joined by musical friends – soloists and composers – who will perform and share their own childhood experiences with music.

In the first episode, Thomas recalls his first classical musical love, Beethoven. Future episodes will focus on conducting, Beethoven’s Symphony No. 2 and Carl Nielsen.

Thomas explains, “Each episode focuses on a particular aspect of creativity: the first episode has a fascination with improvisation and surprise in Beethoven’s 1st Symphony – and this can be the springboard for our viewers to create something inspired by this – and to share it with others on our channel!”

The episodes are suited for ages 9-99 and beyond. Most episodes use recordings from his albums, and he thanks Warner Classics, BIS, Simax, Dacapo, Onyx, Naxos and more for their generous support to include them on Thomas’ Music Room.

The music is also illustrated with Thomas’ own drawings, featuring imaginary animals he began to draw in his own childhood.

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