Danny DeVito joined David Newman and the New Jersey Symphony for thrilling Film with Orchestra concert of his beloved film, Matilda. DeVito, who co-produced, directed and starred in the movie, narrated the live concert performance of the film, with its composer, David Newman, conducting the New Jersey Symphony. The film’s stars Rhea Perlman and the original Matilda herself, Mara Wilson, joined DeVito, Newman and the Orchestra on stage.

James C. Taylor, writing in of the sold-out performance:

“The lights dimmed and the movie started rolling. Newman and the symphony sounded bright and nimble as DeVito picked up a microphone (along with a script) and began narrating the film. …

“Adding to this novel experience was the joy of seeing DeVito reacting ‘to his own film. He chuckled at many of the movie’s amusing moments (especially the L’et’s Get Sticky! game show scene) and could be seen mouthing the lines of his on-screen character, the scheming father and used car salesman, Harry Wormwood.”

“Newman’s score performed by the skilled New Jersey players further elevated the event. The strings shined under concertmaster Brennan Sweet and the whole orchestra’s performance enhanced the screening experience. Matilda escape from Miss Trunchbull’s house had an almost Hitchcockian level of suspense thanks to Newman and the band. …

“Fans of Newman’s score received a treat — added extra music to take the movie in and out of intermission. Hearing the full score performed live reminded how essential music is to film. Newman’s soundtrack…was rightly showcased as the expert score it is. Newman, DeVito and the New Jersey Symphony earned a standing ovation after the end credits. Before leaving the stage, DeVito yelled out one last thing to the New Brunswick crowd: ‘New Jersey!’”

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Photo credit: Main image – Danny DeVito provides narration at a special live performance of “Matilda” with the New Jersey Symphony at the State Theatre in New Brunswick.Dan Graziano,