Listen to Tine Thing Helseth’s New Single: Prelude from Charpentier’s Te Deum Now; New Album, “Magical Memories” Out 28 May

26 Feb 2021

Norwegian trumpeter Tine Thing Helseth releases her new album Magical Memories on Friday 28 May on LAWO Classics. It is her first UK release in eight years. The first of three digital singles, Prelude from Charpentier’s Te Deum, is out today on Apple and Spotify.

The recording is deeply personal; made up of Helseth’s favourite pieces which explore the full sound, range, and moods of the instrument. It includes music she remembers hearing during her childhood such as Lindberg’s Gammal Fäbodpsalm från Dalarna and Purcell’s Trumpet Tune in C major as well as modern songs for special occasions such as Sjöberg’s Den första gång jag såg dig – a Swedish love song translated as The First Time I Saw You. Other composers include JS Bach, Telemann, Grieg, Per-Erik Moraeus, Oskar Lindberg, Henning Sommerro and many more.

Tine Thing Helseth says: “This is a very personal album to me. Whilst I was growing up my mother also played the trumpet, and many of these pieces are works that I listened to laying on the floor next to the organ whilst she was at rehearsals. She took me from when I was 6 weeks old! Other tracks are just lovely melodies and songs that people often use on special occasions: happy or sad. So, the album is filled with my musical memories and my hope is that it will bring musical memories to the listeners as well.”

Helseth and organist Kåre Nordstoga recorded the album in Oslo Cathedral, during Norway’s lockdown in late August/early September 2020 and worked from late in the evening into the early hours of the morning to carefully capture the perfect sound, undisturbed by even the already minimized noise of the outside world.

This physical sanctuary reflects the haven Helseth creates for her audience and throughout the album, the listener is transported into a world of vivid colours and emotions. For Helseth, it is a place where she can express herself in the most personal and genuine way. She and Nordstoga improvise on three of the tracks – the Sjöberg and two wedding marches (Bruremarsj) – joining them together with listeners to experience the magic of music.

In the lead up to the release, there will be three digital singles. In addition to the one out today, the other two are: Sigurjónsson, arr: Jarle Storløkken’s Sofðu unga ástin mín (26 March); and Purcell’s Trumpet Tune (23 April).

Listen to Prelude from Charpentier’s Te Deum Now!

    Charpentier Prelude from Te Deum
    Traditional Bruremarsj fra Østerdalen + improvisation
    JS Bach Adagio from Concerto in C minor
    Nils Ferlin, Leif Strand arr Jarle Storløkken Men går jag öer engarna
    Sigurjónsson arr. Jarle Storløkken Sofðu unga ástin mín
    Grieg Ved Rondane, Op. 33 No. 9
    Telemann From Heldenmusik TWV 50:31-42 I. Die Würde – La Majesté
    Telemann From Heldenmusik TWV 50:31-42: II. Die Anmut – La Grâce
    Telemann From Heldenmusik TWV 50:31-42: III. Die Tapferkeit – La Vaillance
    Traditional Bruremarsj fra Sørfold + improvisation
    Traditional arr. Jarle Storløkken Shenandoah
    Mouret Rondeau from Fanfares et Simphonies
    Lindberg Gammal Fäbodpsalm från Dalarna
    Mendelssohn Auf Flügeln des Gesanges, Op. 34 No. 2
    Sommerfeldt Elergy for Trumpet and Organ Op. 27
    Sjöberg Den första gång jag såg dig + improvisation
    Grieg Våren – The Last Spring Op. 33 No. 2
    Clarke From Suite in D major I. Prelude, The Duke of Gloster’s March
    Clarke From Suite in D major II. Minuet
    Clarke From Suite in D major III. Sybelle
    Clarke From Suite in D major IV. Rondeau, The Prince of Denmark’s March (“Trumpet Voluntary”)
    Per-Erik Moraeus arr. Jarle Storløkken Koppången
    Henning Sommerro arr. Kåre Nordstoga Vårsøg
    Grieg Solveigs Vuggevise from Peer Gynt Op. 23 No. 2
    Purcell Trumpet Tune in C majorPhoto credit: Anna-Julia Granberg