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Firmly positioned as a leading exponent of his instrument, “The hottest guitarist in the world” (Sunday Times), Miloš Karadaglić, continues to top record charts and delight audiences worldwide.

His first three releases on Deutsche Grammophon achieved major chart successes around the globe and turned him into “classical music’s guitar hero” (BBC Music Magazine) overnight. His 2014 recording of Rodrigo’s concertos had the Sunday Times calling him “The King of Aranjuez”, while “Blackbird – The Beatles Album” (2016) was received with unanimous acclaim.
Miloš has appeared in recital at almost all major concert halls and festivals around the globe and has worked with many of the world’s leading orchestras and conductors. He is also the first ever classical guitarist to have performed in solo recital at the Royal Albert Hall in London, The Guardian commenting: “More extraordinary by far, however, was the way a single guitarist… could shrink the Hall’s cavernous space into something so close.” The Independent concluded: “… a sleight of hand that makes Karadaglić not only a magician, but a serious and accomplished musician”.

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“The king of Aranjuez … The hottest guitarist in the world”

The Sunday Times

“In his specially created intimacy, Karadaglić infused the unearthly notes with his unique musicality, demonstrating why he is one of the best guitarists currently performing.”


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“[Miloš’] performances of works by De Falla, Velázquez and Piazzolla (accordionist Ksenija Sidorova joined him for the passionate Libertango by Piazzolla) were superb and he evoked a great mood in the jazz pieces he included – particularly Jobim’s ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ where he really made the instrument sing. He even managed to make the overplayed Spanish Romance feel like a piece I had never heard before. The highlight, though, was his extremely moving performance of the slow movement from Rodrigo’s Concierto de Aranjuez.”

Rosie Pentreath, 

“Miloš Karadaglić is a contemporary musical superstar… Karadaglić placed his guitar on his knee and commanded an attentive silence from the audience, his playing immaculate, intimate and thoroughly enjoyable. Karadaglić might just be one of those celebrities that lives up to their media-hyped reputation.”

Herald Scotland 

“Listening to the debut album by guitarist Miloš Karadaglić, you find yourself wondering where on earth the classical guitar has been lately… it’s as if Karadaglić is shining a brilliant light on the entire heritage of his instrument.”

The Telegraph 

“His finely-judged solo opening – echoed by the London Philharmonic held on a tight rein by Vladimir Jurowski – was the prelude to an exploration of the concerto’s imagined landscape, through a musical conversation in which Milos’s playing had a notably restrained eloquence. The amplification of the guitar was better than I have ever heard it in this auditorium – the sound seemed at once small and powerfully focused – and as a result the solo and tutti voices interwove sweetly throughout the Adagio; the courtly quality of the concluding dance resolved itself in a cadence in which Milos unassumingly seemed to play himself off the stage. “

The Independent 

“Karadaglić wasn’t just a soloist but a one-man section doing the work of several instruments. Classical, Latino and flamenco flavours combined in his elaborate playing, the strings reverberating with the sweetness of a harp and the warmth of the harpsichord. He performed by heart with the charisma of a rock star and the elegance of a classical musician. His long standing relationship with the conductor and orchestra was evident in their almost intuitive interaction. He returned in the second half to play Spanish Romance. It’s a slow, delicate piece requiring absolute precision which he achieved effortlessly to a hushed accompaniment by the orchestra.” 

““Yay, Tárrega!” shouted an overjoyed audience member from the forth row of the Melbourne Recital Centre as Miloš Karadaglić announced his first encore for the evening: the Spanish composer’s evocative Recuerdos de la Alhambra for solo guitar. And the spontaneous outburst was by no means the only one of the concert. From the minute he appeared on stage and strummed the first note of Bach’s prelude for lute in C minor, the world’s dazzling new guitar sensation enthralled his crowd with a mix of musical prowess and easy amicability not often found in classical musicians… Sure, he has an astonishing diversity of tone, displays a remarkably diverse stylistic aptitude for anything from Baroque fugues to Latin American dances, and can tremolo with the best of them, but there’s more to him than that. Miloš is charismatic, confident, intelligent and charming. He introduces pieces with amusing personal anecdotes, shares intimate feelings that the music inspires in him, makes witty musical in-jokes, and the effect all this produces on the audience is intoxicating.”

Limelight Magazine