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Thanks to Bernard Herrmann’s remarkably inventive strings-only composition, The American Film Institute has ranked the ferocious musical driving force of Psycho in the Top 5 Greatest Film Scores of All Time. With a live orchestra underscoring the emotional tnesion of the soul-searing plot, the audience will understand fully why the American Film Institute includes Psycho in the Top 20 Greatest American Films of All Time.

“The music throughout the evening was one of doom, buildup, and terror to come, and it never diminished in power or intensity.” – Examiner

“It was often easy – and this is no pejorative remark at all – to forget the orchestra was even there, so seamless was their musicianship and marriage of music to image. That’s how skilful, accurate and well-timed they were. The balance of dialogue and music was also flawless. The music didn’t overwhelm the image or vice versa, creating an aural soundscape that impeccably recreated Herrmann and Hitchcock’s original dramatic intentions.” – 365 Bristol

Anthony Perkins – Norman Bates
Janet Leigh – Marion Crane
Vera Miles – Lila Crane
John Gavin – Sam Loomis
Martin Balsam – Private Investigator Milton Arbogast
John McIntire – Deputy Sheriff Al Chambers
Simon Oakland – Dr. Richmond
Frank Albertson – Tom Cassidy
Pat Hitchcock – Caroline
Vaughn Taylor – George Lowery

Alfred Hitchcock – Director

Bernard Herrmann – Composer

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