Rachel Fenlon

Soprano, Piano


 Raised on the west coast of Canada, Rachel Fenlon is a soprano and pianist, who, drawing from a singer-songwriter approach, performs song recitals as both singer and pianist accompanying herself. Praised for her “unusually shaped recitals in keeping with her extraordinary talent” (Places des Arts/Festival de Lanaudière), Rachel Fenlon performs internationally as a recitalist, as solo pianist and singer, and on the opera stage.

As self-accompanied singer-pianist, Rachel has performed recitals at prestigious festivals such as Festival de Lanaudière, the Oxford Lieder Festival, PODIUM Festival Matadepera, Vancouver Opera Festival, the Toronto Summer Music Festival, Kammermusik Festival Ahrenshoop, Bristol Song Recitals, the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC Studios), GEDOK Festival Berlin, and at venues such as the National SAW Gallery, the Late Night Liederabend Vienna, the Fox Cabaret, Oper Leipzig, the National Arts Centre Canada, Gallery 345 Toronto, Vancouver Opera, the Baumann Centre at Pacific Opera Victoria, and the Theater am Delphi Berlin.

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“Canadian soprano and pianist Rachel Fenlon is redefining what it means to curate one’s own recital.”


“Rachel Fenlon is an unusual talent.  She’s equally skilled as a soprano and as a pianist and she has combined those talents to create an evolving show called Fenlon and Fenlon where she sings (mostly) art song while accompanying herself on piano. Rachel is a very decent singer and a really good pianist and above all a thoughtful and creative musician.  Last night was full of little “I thought I might just try this” moments that were great fun and very valid ways of exploring the songs… I like my traditional Liederabend as much as most folks but if someone is going to try to be different I’m much more attracted to what Rachel does than to slipping in some Rodgers and Hammerstein or Leonard Cohen.”

John Gilks

Opera Ramblings