The King’s Singers

Special Ensemble, Shows and Attractions, Symphony Pops, World Music and Jazz


Patrick Dunachie Countertenor
Edward Button Countertenor
Julian Gregory Tenor
Christopher Bruerton Baritone
Nicholas Ashby Baritone
Jonathan Howard Bass

Acclaimed worldwide for their virtuosity, life-affirming energy and charm, The King’s Singers are in global demand. Their work, synonymous with the very best in vocal ensemble performance, appeals to a vast international audience. Performing to hundreds of thousands of people each season, the group tours regularly to Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australasia. Instantly recognisable for their immaculate intonation, vocal blend, diction and incisive timing, The King’s Singers are consummate entertainers.

The group’s repertoire has evolved to become one of the most diverse and compelling imaginable. The King’s Singers have commissioned over 200 works, including landmark pieces from leading contemporary composers including Luciano Berio, György Ligeti, Sir James MacMillan, Krzysztof Penderecki, Toru Takemitsu, Sir John Tavener, Gabriela Lena Frank and Eric Whitacre. They have also commissioned arrangements of everything from jazz standards to pop chart hits, explored medieval motets and Renaissance madrigals, and encouraged young composers to write new scores.

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“Their vocal production was effortless, stylistically varied and beautifully blended, even in the most complex polyphony.”

The Washington Post

“…these six singers can do almost anything a full-sized chorus can do, with a degree of perfection that drops the jaw and delights the ear.”

Seattle Times

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““Although each of the six King’s Singers’ voices has its own distinctive timbre, as an ensemble they can blend as perfectly as a chord on a pipe organ.””

Seattle Times 

“They make splendid use of vocal arrangements to tap into current cultural idiom. Fusing forms, timbres and styles, they turn education and entertainment into art and back again.”

The New York Times

“Their pitch was so true it gleamed.”

The Washington Post

“…the clarity, control and communicativeness of the King’s Singers’ performance remained unparalleled.”

Los Angeles Times

“…they are still unmatched for their sheer musicality and ability to entertain.”

The Times, London