Isata Kanneh-Mason Stars in Sheila Heyman’s ‘FANNY: THE OTHER MENDELSSOHN’

1 Nov 2023

Take a celebrated musical genius, sibling rivalry, an unknown manuscript, some very persistent research and one sensational revelation, and what have you got? FANNY: THE OTHER MENDELSSOHN – the documentary from BAFTA-winning director Sheila Hayman that features global Decca star, Isata Kanneh-Mason.

The film reveals the extraordinary story of Fanny, a composer long side-lined to her famous brother Felix by the guardians of classical music, who despite being forbidden a musical career persevered, composing 450 works in her short life. Fanny’s music is brought to life by the gifted virtuoso pianist, Isata Kanneh-Mason, recipient of the 2021 Leonard Bernstein Award and 2021 “Best Classical Artist” at the Global Awards. As Kanneh-Mason discovers the Easter sonata, the parallels between her life and Fanny’s – including the challenge of being a pioneer with few role models in classical music — become clear. As moving as it is joyous, FANNY: THE OTHER MENDELSSOHN is the story of a very modern woman – who just happened to live 200 years ago.

FANNY: THE OTHER MENDELSSOHN is out now in cinemas throughout the UK. More information and tickets are available here.

Isata Kanneh-Mason is managed in association with Enticott Music Management.

Photo credit: Greg Emson