Ute Lemper’s New Album,“Time Traveller”, Out Now

13 Mar 2023

The iconic Ute Lemper releases her new recording, Time Traveller, 31 March. The album, an homage to life and growing older, features ten songs written by Ute and co-produced with her partner Todd Turkisher.

Ute writes:

“We roam through the mysteries of life and earth, until one day we decide what is worthy of love and embrace, and what shall be avoided. We find out that an eye for an eye will only make us blind, and that no small act of kindness is ever wasted. We learn that we should never tame our wildness and the more we keep our dreams alive, despite the world’s efforts to steal them, the better we can defend them. In music we can remain free birds and fly back to the source of our dreams.

“The album carries tension and release through all its songs, moving in waves between the stillness and the hurricanes of life. Here I stand, overwhelmed by the hurt, and there I rise from the storm, stronger and with new opportunities, and the revelation that another quest will begin soon. How many times can the heart be broken before it becomes wise? In quiet, the music expands and writes its poetry.

“This album is co-produced by me and my partner, Todd. Music is the deepest root of our 23-year relationship. It all started with music and its creation. Along the way came a big and beautiful family.

“In an unexpected discovery, I found the original source of inspiration and it triggered a new wave of writings. In a wrinkle in time, I relived on this album my beginnings of song writing and continued it in the present, 23 years later. We enjoy the dream and privilege of making music together as much as a lifetime of 23 years ago.

“As we dove into the production of these songs from the past, I was hit with another wave of inspiration to continue storytelling about my life, now 23 years later.”

Time Traveller is available in stores and online now and will be accompanied by her new autobiography (June 2023) and in concert around the world.

Listen to the title track now on YouTube